2XEP Forum 2014
Forum on Doubling Energy Productivity
3 & 4 April 2014
Aerial UTS Function Centre, Sydney
Building 10, Level 7/235 Jones St, Sydney NSW 2007

Change Australia’s Energy Future: Cutting Costs & Carbon

Protecting jobs and prosperity in Australia depends on affordable energy. With electricity, gas and petrol prices rising rapidly, it has never been more important to lift Australia’s energy productivity and deliver more economic output per unit of energy input.

Be part of bringing energy productivity to the centre of the national agenda.  Join us at 2XEP: the Forum on Doubling Energy Productivity on 3 & 4 April in Sydney.

Participate in Australia’s biggest gathering of global and Australian experts on energy productivity explore the opportunities, network with business leaders, and engage with policy makers.

Key U.S. leaders include:

 Heather Zichal  Dr. Dan Arvizu  Kateri Callahan Omar Siddiqui 
President Obama's
Advisor on Energy
and Climate
Change (2009-2013)
Chief Executive
U.S. National Renewable
Energy Laboratory
U.S. Alliance to
Senior Technical
Executive U.S.
Electric Power

Research Institute (EPRI)

Key Australian leaders include:

Minister Greg
Hunt MP
Minister Anthony
Roberts MP
 Robert Hill Clover Moore 
Minister for Environment NSW Minister for
Resources &
Adjunct Professor
United States
University of

Lord Mayor of Sydney