Use your talent to do good and create change. Now that’s revolutionary.

HOW Design Live welcomes its first-ever official nonprofit partner, EPIC.

Currently based in Chicago, EPIC runs creative rallies—eight-week, volunteer work sessions during which they pair the city’s most talented advertising and marketing professionals with nonprofits that need their pro-bono expertise.

Want to know more? Click here for answers to common questions, or dig in deeper at iamepic.org. Better yet, check out their table at HOW Design Live and get to know these philanthropic firebrands in person!

What are other design revolutionaries saying about EPIC?

“Leading a rally allowed me to experience something rare in our industry: a team of motivated, creative people partnering with clients who appreciated everything that was being done for them.”
—Tim Hogan, Partner/Creative Director
The Royal Order of Experience Design, EPIC Team Leader

“How can we ever thank you for assembling the team and doing such wonderful work? I hope you can understand the magnitude of your efforts, and how much good an organization like EPIC does.”
—Barry Benson, Executive Director
Literacy Chicago, EPIC Client

“Creative Circle is a national leader in the business of helping creative professionals find work, so we know how exciting it is to see people effect change with their creative skills. We help make it happen every day. That’s why we’re honored to be the first annual sponsor of EPIC, to help enable these professionals to use their passion, talents and drive in creating positive change for nonprofits.”
—Dennis Masel, Managing Partner
Creative Circle, EPIC Sponsor

“EPIC taught me that compassion is as much a creative tool as strategic thinking and brainstorming.”
—Ashley Meroney, Project Manager
EPIC Team Member