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      GABOR TARI  
Dr. Gabor C. Tari holds an MSc degree in Geophysics from Eötvös University of Budapest, Hungary, and a Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics from Rice University, Houston, Texas. After starting with Amoco on various Romanian onshore exploration projects in 1994, he transferred to the Amoco Angola Team in 1996. After conducting regional basin studies for offshore bid-rounds, he joined the Block 18 project, where several major oil discoveries were made since then. Eventually joined Vanco Energy Company in 1999 as Chief Geophysicist, then as Vice President of Geosciences, he worked on a large number of projects around Africa. At Vanco, he also identified the Black Sea Basin as a promising and practically unexplored deep water basin in 2004. Since 2007, Gabor is with OMV in Vienna, Austria, working as the Group Chief Geologist on several projects including various European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African basins.