The 11th Beijing International Forum on Rehabilitation
The 11th Beijing International Forum on Rehabilitation
No. Sub-forum Venue
2016-12-3 p.m.
2016-12-4 a.m.
2016-12-4 下p.m.
Opening Ceremeny + Main Forum
2016-12-3 a.m. Ballroom C, 1st Floor
1 Neurorehabilitation Sub-forum 305    
2 Spine Surgery and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Sub-forum   407  
3 Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation and Functional Reconstruction Sub-forum 401    
4 Neurourology and Pharmacy Sub-forum 302B    
5 Autism Rehabilitation Sub-forum 301A    
6 Osteoarthropathy & Amputation Rehabilitation Sub-forum 403    
7 Cardiac Rehabilitation and Diabetes Mellitus Rehabilitation Sub-forum 303A    
8 Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Integrated Western and Chinese Medicine Sub-forum 303B    
9 Renal Rehabilitation Sub-forum   301AB  
10 Tumor Rehabilitation Sub-forum   401  
11 Rehabilitation Nursing Sub-forum   302AB  
12 Hydrocephalus Treatment and Rehabilitation Sub-forum Auditorium Auditorium Auditorium
13 Physical Therapy Sub-forum 402AB    
14 Occupational Therapy Sub-forum   402A  
15 Psychological and Musical Rehabilitation Sub-forum 302A    
16 Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Devices Sub-forum (The 2016 Academic Annual Meeting of Rehabilitation Engineering Committee)   406 406
17 Implementation of World Report on Disability, ICF and Rehabilitation Counselling Sub-forum   402B  
18 Community-based Rehabilitation Sub-forum 301B    
19 Rehabilitation Medical Quality Control and Improvement Sub-forum 407    
20 Basic Rehabilitation Medical Research Sub-forum   405  
21 Social Work for Rehabilitation of the Disabled and the Old Sub-forum 405    
22 Disaster Prevention and Rehabilitation Sub-forum 406    
Closing Ceremony
2016-12-4 p.m. Auditorium, 3rd Floor
1. The venue is the China National Convention Center.
2. The forum agenda will be updated with the process, please feel free to focus on and subject to the announcement.