2018 Utility Safety & Security Conference
TVPPA sponsorships are more than simply a conference attendance. TVPPA conferences rely on sponsorships to provide the excellent content and venues and we understand the relationships many of those companies have made with the TVPPA member utilities. Our conferences are engineered to provide an exceptional experience for not only those attending, but for sponsors as well.

Face-time matters! All TVPPA conferences include multiple breakfasts, breaks and receptions that provide ample opportunity for attendees to meet with you, subject matter experts, while enabling an educational agenda as well. Depending on the location, the majority of, if not all, these activities are co-located -- the food is where the sponsors are!

White Papers for added depth. All sponsors are invited to bring hard copy white papers to distribute during the event. While no formal presentation is made, our staff will help identify those papers available during the event and steer attendees to your representatives. This is a great way to prove your expertise, created additional content for the event, and make more connections too!

Poster Sessions. TVPPA has introduced yet another opportunity for sponsors, speakers and other entities to help provide more content. We're asking for your poster information and will display them during the event. For details, contact Diana Bryant.

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The following sponsor levels are available at this event. Some conference sponsorships sell out as indicated in the registration process.
  • APP Sponsor (please call Diana Bryant at (423) 490-7923 to reserve this)
    $1,875 member / $2,500 non-member
    (includes exhibit space and registrations for THREE company representatives)

  • Exhibiting Sponsor (scroll down for to see available spaces in green)
    $815 member / $1087 non-member
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    (includes registrations for THREE company representatives)

  • Lanyard Sponsor
    $699 member / $932 non-member
    Register using the link to the right.
    (includes registration for ONE company representative)
  • Contributing Sponsor
    $536 member / $715 non-member
    Register using the link to the right.
    (includes registration for ONE company representative)
*Additional company representatives may be registered at $170 each (does not include Contributing Sponsor level). Please contact us to add them.

The diagram below shows the approximate hotel/convention center floor plan. All available booth spaces are indicated in GREEN. Those that have already been reserved are shown in RED. Refreshment breaks, breakfasts and receptions will be held throughout the exhibit spaces with the intention of maximizing face time opportunities. Layout is an approximation only. TVPPA reserves the right to make on-site adjustments as needed.

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