2017 Academy for Laity

Welcome to the offerings of the 2017 Academy for Laity. This year we are offering 10 courses within the Christ Servant Ministry categories of the BASIC Course, Leading, Caring and Speaking. There is a fantastic selection of returning courses and instructors along with a few NEW classes focused on establishing new ministries in your churches. Registration opens June 1st and we hope to see each of you at this year’s event.

..BASIC The Basic Course – The Journey Begins

Ready to explore God’s call in your life? Take the first step in the Christ Servant Ministry program with others who have heard that still, small voice calling in the night or are sure they have been hit across the head with a two-by-four.. The Basic Course provides a firm foundational understanding of God’s presence in our lives, the meaning and mission of the church, and insight into how and where you can apply the gifts you have and will receive from our Lord. You will learn about the need for servant ministries in our world and what it means to be a servant for Christ. The Basic Course is also the first step towards further development as a Certified Lay Speaker or Certified Lay Minister

Participants in this course must request the recommendation and approval from their Local Church and submit it with their registration. After completing the 10 course they will receive recognition as Christ Servant Ministers as described in the CSM website www.christservantministries.net. Registrants are required to complete assignments from a Basic Course Manual prior to attending the Laity Academy. There is also an additional fee for a Basic Course Manual as indicated on the registration form.

Instructor: Judy Ehninger, a Certified Lay Minister, has been a District Lay Leader and teaches the Basic Course in several venues throughout the Conference. She serves on many district, conference, and jurisdictional boards. She serves as the Coordinator of the Certified Lay Minister Program and District Director of Christ Servant Ministries. She is a retired registered nurse, and educator.

..SPEAKING 1 speaking 1: Preaching to be Heard

Speaking 1 is the basic course for those who wish to preach or to enhance their speaking abilities. This class will look at the focus of our preaching, share ideas on the development of sermons, and create an opportunity for each participant to develop and present a “mini” sermon to the group. An important part of this experience is the sharing of feedback in a supportive and safe setting so that all who wish to preach can benefit from the group. The expectation is that our time together will be one of joy and excitement. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in speaking. Successful completion of Speaking 1 is one of the requirements to receive Certified Lay Speaker credentials.

Instructor: Rev Harold Burkett is a retired pastor of forty years, the last twenty-four serving at Sanctuary in North Wales. He was also a certified Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He has a passion for learning about preaching and has, over the years, attended numerous convocations on preaching throughout the county. For the past six years he has been leading a Lay Preaching class through the Bethel Hill United Methodist Church. Rev Burkett has taught the Basic Preaching Class at the Laity Academy from 2014 thru 2016 and in 2015 taught a preaching class in Montana for the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference. Most recently, in May, he taught the Speaking Course 1 for the Christ Servant Ministries Program.

..SPEAKING 2 speaking 2: Preaching by Number

”Color by number” books help children become something of an artist. While preaching will always require particular spiritual gifts to be effective, it is an art, and by following a few simple steps most preachers can improve their craft. Designed for those who have already learned how to craft an individual sermon, this class will look at the overall process of preaching, how to coordinate preaching topics with other aspects of ministry, and how to ensure that the preaching program has a purpose. Participants must have taken the prerequisite CSM course in preaching and received a certificate from CSM Director, George Hollich. It is highly recommended that participants have read (or at least purchased) Sermons Reimagined, by Rich Chromey, and Unleashing the Word, by Adam Hamilton. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in speaking. Successful completion of Speaking 2 is one of the requirements to receive Certified Lay Speaker credentials.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Lloyd F. Speer III, OSL, is an Elder in the Eastern PA Conference and currently is pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Fairless Hills, PA. He was ordained in 1988. At the conference level, he has been a District Committee on Ministry chair, was a member of the Board of Ordained Ministry, and is currently serving as Conference Secretary. He is a member of the Order of St. Luke, and a certified trainer for Prepare-Enrich Premarital/Marital counseling.

..DOCTRINE Exploring Methodist Theology and Doctrine

Have you ever wondered why we do things the way we do on Sundays? Do you want to learn more about our Methodist ‘Roots’? What were the Wesley’s Thinking? What is this thing we call “Grace”? Then Exploring Methodist Theology and Doctrine is where you need to be this year.

Together with Rev. DiPaolo you will explore the theological and doctrinal heritage of Wesleyan Methodism. Our time together will include examining the background of John and Charles Wesley; the distinctive Wesleyan understanding of grace as prevenient, justifying and sanctifying; the meaning and place of our doctrinal standards; and the significance of the sacraments. We will pay special attention to practical tools for teaching and preaching in today’s local church, comparisons with the teaching of other denominations, and the power of hymnody and worship to shape our people’s understanding and practice of the faith. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in leading.

Instructor: Rev. Joseph F. DiPaolo has been a clergy member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference since 1988, and currently serves as senior pastor of First United Methodist Church of Lancaster, a 1000 member church with an active and varied inner-city outreach program. In addition to his pastoral work, he currently serves as president of the Northeast Jurisdiction Commission on Archives and History, President of the EPA Conference Historical Society, and edits an annual journal, the Annals of Eastern Pennsylvania. He has taught as an adjunct professor at Palmer Seminary in Philadelphia, and at Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown. He and his wife Susan live in Chester County, and have three children.

..MAKING PRAYER COUNT Making Every Prayer Count: Moving from ME to WE

Have you ever head trouble connecting with God? Praying for Others? This course is designed to be a powerful resource aimed at making your personal prayer life more effective (ME) and equipping you to be a person of impact within your church and community (WE). We will begin our journey focusing on “me”. Diving into areas of God given identity and the impact that our belief system has on every aspect of our life. We will explore how we grow in intimacy with Jesus, our belief system and the importance of forgiveness. As we look at “WE” we will dive into developing a prayer ministry at the local church, learn some simple but effective prayer models (salvation, blessing, healing etc.), and explore what it means to be a people who call others into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. This course is full of laughter, hand’s-on activation, Q&A, and God surprises!

Instructor: Ruth Hendrickson is a conference speaker, ministry trainer, board certified counselor, an instructor with Patricia King Institute and member of the pastoral staff at Washington Crossing United Methodist Church. Ruth oversees Physical Healing, Emotional Healing, Recovery Ministries, Prayer Ministries and Women’s Ministry. She is passionate about training, equipping, and releasing individuals to walk in wholeness and freedom. She has been an active member of The Crossing for over 28 years. Her commitment to serving God and equipping churches to demonstrate God’s power and compassion is evident through her lifestyle of prayer and service. Through biblical-based teaching and practical applications, her goal is to introduce people not only to the God who saves, but also to the God who heals.

Ruth and her husband, Mark, have been married for 33 years, have five adult children and reside in Stockton, N.J.

..EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Emotional Intelligence: A Blueprint for Your Spiritual Path

Do you find yourself ‘stuck’ on your spiritual path? Do you feel frustrated at times on not understanding how to use your faith on your journey? Are you struggling with relationships with God, your friends, or your family? Then ow is the time to consider how ‘emotional intelligence’ can be your blueprint for living your faith! It is becoming aware of how to control and express one's emotions, and to how to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically Realizing that emotional intelligence begins with the individual before it can impact others can help reshape our thinking around communication, teamwork, conflict management, peak performance—basically how we live out our faith! Emotionally intelligent congregations are those that support intergenerational worship experiences and events. Use emotional intelligence to create vibrant youth and young adult ministries while providing excellent care to all ages!

Throughout this class, you will actively use emotional intelligence and develop an action plan or blueprint for living your faith in a healthy and emotionally intelligent manner! You will be able to: capitalize on using emotional intelligence in your life, effectively deal with typical life issues, identify effective methods to communicate, collaborate, and build a high-performing church team, identify your unique profile in regards to emotional intelligence and ensure your youth, young adults, and adult ministries are emotionally intelligent. This course is particularly recommended for Certified Lay Ministers. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in leading.

Instructor: Dave Piltz is a current Certified Lay Minister and has 20 years’ experience in a youth leader role in three conferences. He has both domestic and international mission trip experience and has extensive local church leadership including chairing SPRC. He is currently the part time coordinator for Young People’s Ministries for our conference and a quarter-time Campus Minister at Drexel University. In addition to his church experience, he is a specialist in instructional design, organization design and in developing interactive learning tools, simulations, training games, and unique facilitation tools and methods. He has provided team and executive coaching and co-authored a book on leadership and management

..DISABILITIES Disability Ministry and the Body of Christ

Disability is a normal part of life. But what is a disability? What comes to mind when you hear the word disabled or disability? This course will begin by exploring definitions of disability and taking a brief walk through disability history. We will discover how to be in ministry alongside people with disabilities of all ages. Structuring a ministry with the Great Commission in mind incorporate Outreach and Evangelism to families will be discussed. We’ll will see where Theology and Disability intersect as we look closely at the encounters Jesus had with people who had disabilities. We will learn the viewpoints of the Disability community on bioethics and disability. Finally, we will learn how to take what we’ve learned and move forward to begin ministry that not only includes people with disabilities, but ministries where people with disabilities fully participate, lead, and welcome others to build a truly inclusive beloved community. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in caring.

Instructor: or Barbara Skarbowski is a United Methodist Deaconess who was consecrated in 2012 at General Conference in Tampa, Florida. Barbara received her MA in Disability Studies/Ministry at California Baptist University, Riverside California. Her vocational ministry has been spent working in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey with adults who experience intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities. She also worked as an Employment and Training Coach for urban, at-risk youth, many of whom had hidden disabilities, at Interfaith Neighbors in Asbury Park, New Jersey. She currently works for Friendship Community in Lititz Pennsylvania as a Program Specialist for the Residential, Life Sharing and Respite programs. Barbara has served on the Conference Disabilities and Inclusion Committee of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference, as past secretary of the Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church, is an active United Methodist Woman, and currently serves as the Chairperson of the Disability Committee of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. 

..WHAT TO SAY Pastoral Care: What to Say To People Who Are Hurting

Do you find yourself in situations where you struggle with what to say? How do you provide comfort them without sounding insincere?

The practice of Pastoral Care Ministry can leave even the most well-intentioned visitor searching for the right words. Pastoral care is not just a clergy responsibility, but a ministry of the church. Illness can cause physical, emotional and spiritual crisis and having some tools will help you be a reassuring presence. We will discuss visits to hospitals, nursing homes, or shut-ins, and utilize role-playing exercises. This course will give you practical knowledge you can use on your next visit. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in caring.

Instructor: Laurie Lewis is a Christ Servant Minister presently serving Doylestown UMC as Minister of Visitation. She was a critical care RN for 20 years before a car accident ended her career. That is when God called her into Pastoral Care. As she recovered, a future took shape that led her back into the Hospital as a Lay Chaplain for 10 years. She is a Bible Study Teacher and Guest Preacher, and popular Speaker at Seminars and Retreats.

..ADDICTION RECOVERY Addiction Caring Ministry:

Addiction Recovery through the Power of Prayer

Addiction to Alcohol, Opioid and other drugs is a disease, and is rampant in our society today. This course looks at the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of this disease that destroys people, their relationships, the body, the mind and the spirit including the soul. We will examine how a prayer-centered support system can affect treatments and their successes and failures, then move to the ‘Power of Prayer’ of dealing with addicts; getting started, ministering to all laity, children, youth, adults, and “Long of Tooth. ”We will see that clergy as well as laity are subject to this calamity. Recovery treatment may require professional intervention, use of a 12-step program, and/or a “Rehabilitation” facility. We examine co-dependency, dual diagnosis, societal and behavioral aspects of addictions and chemical dependency, and we explore help available from resources outside the local church. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in caring.

Instructor: To be determined and biography goes here.

..WELLNESS CENTERED Utilizing a Wellness Ministry to Meet Church and Community Needs

If you get a cut or scrape you go to your first aid kit for supplies. But what do you do if someone in your church has a more complex physical need, an emotional need, or a spiritual need? Do you have a program that can deal with all the well-being issues of your congregation? Do you have a ministry that involves the congregation in improving their mind, body, and soul? Can people from your community find help to stop smoking, deal with stress, cope with grief, and develop healthy eating and exercise habits?

This class will teach recognition of the components of a health ministry that may already exist in your church. We’ll discover practical ways to build a “church aid kit” that contains the building blocks for a viable health ministry in churches of all sizes. Our topics for discussion and creative activities include the scriptural and Wesleyan basis for health ministries; assessing not obvious health needs; the use of a parish nurse and allied health professionals, and lay health advocates to coordinate health ministries. We’ll examine how to provide health education using classes, exercise groups, bulletin boards, and newsletter articles, we’ll see the effect of the power of listening in a healing ministry, and we’ll look to developing healing services, promoting clergy health, and list resources for health ministries. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in caring.

Instructor: Barbara E. Drake, RN, MSN, is a member of Union UMC in Havertown, where she serves as Parish Nurse, Lay Leader, and President of United Methodist Women. She is a Christ Servant Minister, Co-Chair of the EPC Health and Healing Council, and Chair of the EPC Church and Society Work Team. She is a member of the Board of Directors of United Methodist Neighborhood Services, and Board Secretary of Delaware County Family Promise/Interfaith Hospitality Network.