2016 Australasian Sexual Health Conference and 2016 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference
Sexual Health Posters
Poster Number Title of Presentation Name
Clinical Sexual Health & Epidemiology
1 Protective Antibody Responses to Vaccination for Hepatitis B in a Sydney Sexual Health/HIV Clinic Christopher Sewell
2 Results of enhanced gonorrhoea surveillance in Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains Dillon Adam
3 Contact Tracing for Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia by General Practitioners in Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. Lisa Allchin
4 A Retrospective Audit on the Diagnosis and Management of Genital Herpes at Clinic 275 Megan Ball
5 NPEP or PrEP Charlotte Bell
6 Impact on Microbiological Cure and Resistance of 1.5 G Extended Dose Azithromycin Versus 1g. Catriona Bradshaw
7 Donovanosis in Australia Amy Bright
8 Sex Work, HIV, and Sexually Transmissible Infections: A Study of Incidence among Women Attending Sexual Health Clinics Denton Callander
9 Delayed Diagnosis of Syphilis due to an Inappropriate Laboratory Test and Falsely Positive CMV IgM Result: A Case Study Alana Christensen
10 Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV in a Primary Health Care Clinic for People who Inject Drugs Karen Chronister
11 ‘I Don’t Turn Every Consultation...Into A Sexual Health...Discussion’ - General Practitioners’ Perspectives on Promoting Sexual Health to Young Men Archibald Collyer
12 Significantly Improved Detection of Pharyngeal and Rectal Gonorrhoea by NAAT Compared to Culture in Men Who Have Sex with Men. Vincent Cornelisse
13 Increased Rates of Urethral Mycoplasma Genitalium in MSM at Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre. Implications for Future Screening Deborah Couldwell
14 Correlates of Recent Testing Among Young Australians at Risk of Sexually Transmissible Infections Caitlin Douglass
15 Multiplexed Detection of STI Pathogens Using PlexZyme qPCR (PlexPCR): A Novel Real-Time Technology with a Superior Capacity for Multiplexing Simon Erskine
16 Sexual Health Clinic Follow Up of Emergency Department Results: It Works! Niveditha Manokaran
17 Sexual health risks and help-seeking behaviours of south Asian men who have sex with men (SAMSM) living in Australia Ahm Haque
18 Increasing STI and BBV Testing in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services – A Whole of Service Approach Kaylie Harrison
19 Urine Collected with a FLOQSwab™ Provides a Robust Sample for Testing for C. Trachomatis with the Roche Cobas® Ct/Ng Test David Hawkes
20 Anal HPV and Associated Cytological Changes in Renal Transplant Recipients Richard Hillman
21 Nine Years On: Increasing Access for MSM to Sexual Health Clinics in an Outer Metropolitan Area – A Clinical Perspective. Naomi Hoffman
22 Are Australian Approaches for Partner Notification Feasible for the Chilean Context? Nicole Iturrieta-Guaita
23 Seasonal Variation in Gonorrhoea among Men Who Have Sex with Men Bin Li
24 Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Prevalence, Awareness and Vaccine Acceptability in High Risk Men Who Have Sex with Men in New Zealand Adrian Ludlam
25 Surveillance of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) in Sri Lanka: Experiences from a Resource Constrained Setting Ariyaratne Manthunge
26 Slip and Slide: Findings from the Sexual Activity after Breast Cancer (SAB) Study Jennifer Marino
27 Barriers to Chlamydia Screening of Young People and Possible Solutions as Reported by General Practitioners in Victoria and NSW Clarissa Moreira
28 Partner Notification Outcomes for Men Who Have Sex with Men Diagnosed with Syphilis Referred to Partner Notification Officers, Melbourne, Australia Jason Ong
29 Clinical Characteristics of Herpes Simplex Virus Urethritis Compared with Chlamydial Urethritis among Men Jason Ong
30 Treatment Outcomes for Rectal Lymphogranuloma Venereum in Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Review of Clinical Cases Jason Ong
31 Chem-Sex is More Frequently Associated with Accessing Post Exposure Prophylaxis in Men Who Have Sex with Men Daniel Richardson
32 Grindr Use by Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) is Associated with High Rates of Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections Daniel Richard
33 Sexual Practices and Oral HPV Status of Patients Attending General Dental Surgery Beata Rumianek
34 Rural Outreach for Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus Testing Anni Slater
35 Measuring Female Genital Self-Image in an Australian Population, Is there an Effective Tool? Meredith Temple-Smith
36 Concordance of Syphilis Infection Between Same Sex Male Partners Attending a Sexual Health Clinic in Melbourne, Australia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Janet Towns
37 Increasing Macrolide Treatment Failure in Women with Mycoplasma Genitalium in a Public Hospital Saima Wani
38 The Emergence of Azithromycin Resistant Gonorrhoea in South Australia Alison Ward
39 Would it be Acceptable to Withhold Epidemiological Treatment in Asymptomatic Gay Men who present as a Contact of Gonorrhoea? Simon Wright
Education & Health Promotion
40 Prevalence and Risk Factors of Human Papillomavirus among MSM in Taiwan: Results from a Community Sample Hauchun Zou
41 Let's Talk: Exploring Sexuality Education in Australian Schools to Meet the Needs of Young Women Sienna Aguilar
42 Improving Sexual Health Knowledge in Rural and Remote South Australian Aboriginal Communities Susan Arwen
43 Inequity in Access to Pregnancy Related Services and Contraception for International Students Georgia Babatsikos
44 Taboo or Not Taboo? Sexual Health Education through Community Engagement with Young People in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services Sarah Betts
45 Making Patient Delivered Partner Therapy for Chlamydia Feasible; Implementation and Early Findings from the ADOPT Study. Chris Bourne
46 Integrating Sexual Health into Youth Early Intervention Mental Health Services Marnie Britton
47 Is Headspace the Best Place to Conduct Sexual Health Screening? Ansia Cheshire
48 Primary Health Care Nurses Undertaking Clinical Placements at Publicly Funded Sexual Health Services; Can It Be Done? Is It Worthwhile? Pheobe Chomley
49 A Regional Advocacy Agenda on Trans* Health and Sexual Health among Transgender People in the ISEAN Region Raine Cortes
50 Predicting Macrolide Resistance: Correlation of Clinical Outcome and Laboratory Results Using Plexpcrtm M. Genitalium Resistanceplustm Assay (Speedx) Deborah Couldwell
51 Talking Out Loud’: WA Medical Students’ Views of Sexual Health Teaching Alison Creagh
52 Are University Sexual Health Promotions Serving Those Who Need Them Most? A Cross-Sectional Study Matthew Dunn
53 A Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration to Improve Recognition of PID Natalie Edmiston
54 Doin ‘It’ Right! An Adaptable Culturally Appropriate Resource for Working with Aboriginal Young People around Sexual and Reproductive Health. Kaylie Harrison
55 Initiatives to Improve Sex Worker Access to STI Screening in Sydney Local Health District. Barbara Hatten
56 A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis of Young Peoples’ Experiences of Sending and Receiving Sexual Messages and Images via Hand Held Devices (‘Sexting’) Mark Hayter
57 Take Blaktion: Using Comedy to Engage Aboriginal Young People around Sexual Health Gemma Hearnshaw
58 Intersectoral Perceptions of Young People's Sexual Health Alana Hulme Chambers
59 ‘Your Fertility’ – Evaluation of a Health Promotion Program to Improve Awareness of Factors That Affect Fertility Louise Johnson
60 Evaluation of 2014 STI/HIV Testing Guidelines for Asymptomatic Men who have Sex with Men among General Practitioners in Sydney Shih-Chi Kao
61 Implementing Sexual Health Messages to Vulnerable Young People in Western Sydney for Youth Week 2016 Jade Lane
62 General Practioner's and Access to Sexual Health Clinics and Online Resources: A Nepean and Blue Mountains Perspective Julian Lanton-Lockton
63 Community Pharmacist Perceptions and Attitudes toward Dispensing Hepatitis B and C Medicines Esther Lau
64 A Systematic Review of Reviews on Interventions to Improve the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People Megan Lim
65 ‘It’s Our Choice’ - A Health Promotion Initiative to Assist Women Experiencing Homelessness in Overcoming Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening Renee Lovell
66 Smoking Reduction and Cessation Support Project for Sex Workers Attending Sydney Sexual Health Centre (SSHC) Lynee McCormack
67 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Background (CALD) Industry Sex Workers in South West Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD): Lidya McGowan
68 TALAR For SRE: An Innovative Tool for Providing Sexuality Education to People with Disabilities Sandra Norman
69 A Major Role for the STIGMA Action Group in Inner Sydney: Increase Access, Skills and Knowledge of General Practitioners Hanna Pak
70 Sexual Health Education Made Easy in SA Primary Schools Brydie Pedler
71 SMS4Health: Reaching Young People with Health Promotion Messages to Improve Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Reduce Smoking in Indonesia. Alisa Pedrana
72 SMS4Health: Understanding How to Reach Young People with Health Promotion Messages in Indonesia. Alisa Pedrana
73 Essentially Sexual - Doing It in Large Groups in the Name of Education Michael Rodriguez
74 Baby Think it Over Christina Self
75 Life Happens-Translating the Results of Sexual Health Research Into a Resource for Young People Kate Senior 
76 Sexuality-Related Attitudes Significantly Modulate Demographic Variation in Sexual Health Literacy in Tasmanian University Students Steve Simpson, Jr.
77 HIV101: An Organisational Development Approach Holley Skene
78 Voices of Sexuality Education: Giving Voice to Opinions of a Diverse Range of Young People, Families and Communities. Kylie Stephens
79 "So, What Should I Do?" Talking Sexual Health To International Students Budi Sudarto
80 Private Sex Workers in Sydney - A Cross-Sectional Study of Advertised Sexual Services using a Web Based Search. Caroline Thng
81 Engagement of Private Sex Workers with Sexual Health Services – An Online Survey Caroline Thng
82 Development and implementation of Point-of-Care HIV testing in high risk populations in Tasmania El Thompson
83 Improving STI/BBV Testing and Management in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services: A Systematic Review of What Works, What Doesn’t. Monika Wadolowski
84 Profile and Frequency of Meeting Sexual Partners Online in Australia Lucy Watchirs Smith
85 The Perspectives of Primary Healthcare Workers on Sexual Assault and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in North Sulawesi, Indonesia Olivia Waworuntu


86 Assessing Evidence-Based Practice in Australian Abortion Service. Tamara Baillie
87 The Ten Year Evolution of Transgender Care in a Far North Queensland Sexual Health Service  Susan Davies
88 Born This Way: The Psychosocial Implications of Surgical Intervention during Infancy on Individuals with Intersex Variations. Mandy Henningham
89 Assessing for Psychopathology in Sexual Health Populations David Tuck
90 The Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT): Building the Movement Deborah Bateson
91 Pregnancy Recurrence and Complications after Terminations: An Audit of Abortions in South Australia. William Breidahl
92 Emergency Contraception Update Helen Calabretto
93 Unmet Need for Contraception in Bangladesh: A Secondary Data Analysis of the 2014 Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey Mahruba Khanam
94 Overcoming Barriers to Uptake of Long Acting Reversible Contraception among Women: A Qualitative Study among Clients of Hairdressers in Zimbabwe Memory Makamba
95 Disability, Sexuality and Quality of Life: The Missing Discourse Laura Grozdanovski