2014 International Conference on Nanotechnology
Applications, Nano-enabled Functionalities, Characterization 
Hydrogels, foams, rheological modifies, flexible films, membranes, bioactive materials – the list where renewable nanomaterials are being evaluated continues to grow with more successful applications. Learn about the latest developments in applications, nano-enabled functionalities, preparation and characterization of renewable nanomaterials at TAPPI’s 8th annual conference. 

What’s new for 2014 
Next summer’s conference will have a stronger focus on additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and other industrial processing applications. The international co-chairs – representing Japan, Canada, and the US – will work to encourage presentations from around the world on the latest applications and discoveries.

Plan to Attend
Explore a world of possibilities for opening the door to new markets by unlocking the potential of renewable biomaterials. TAPPI’s 9th International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials is the only event that explores how nanotechnology can transform biomaterials into high-value products that expand and transcend traditional forest products portfolios. Bringing together leading researchers, industry experts, government representatives and other stakeholders from around the world, this year’s event promises a unique, multi-disciplinary look at the rewards of using nanotechnology – from the forest to marketed products.   

Whether your focus is new product development, academic study or supplier research, this year’s conference will provide the big picture for unlocking value from this tiny technology.   

Conference Co-Chairs:
Wadood Y. Hamad, FPInnovations (Canada)
Akira Isogai, Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)
Orlando Rojas, NCSU (USA) and Aalto University (Finland)