The 13th Australian Palliative Care Conference 2015

Presentations from Thursday Afternoon

Session Name Speakers
C1.1 C1.1 - Cost-effectiveness of subcutaneous ketamine in the management of chronic cancer pain Nikki McCaffrey
C1.2 C1.2 - Can GPs predict the death of their older patients using intuition or a predictive tool? Geoffrey Mitchell
C1.3 C1.3 - The feasibility and impact  of using the Distress Thermometer and Problem List Screening Tool in Community Palliative Care Populations Trish Sutton
C1.4 C1.4 - Improving national palliative care service symptom outcomes systematically through point-of-care data collection, structured feedback and benchmarking David Currow
C2.1 C2.1 - Measuring Outcomes of the Implementation of the Emergency Medication Kit in Community Specialist Palliative Care Service Patients Kate Maher
C2.3 C2.3 - Achieving better end of life care for Australians Stephen Parnis
C2.4 C2.4 - 21st century policy challenges  Theresa Williamson
C3.1 C3.1 - Listening to the whole person! Improving communication skills in health professionals Katrina Anderson
C3.2 C3.2 - Communicating with children and families – the importance of child development in paediatric palliative care Jacqueline Duc
C4.1 C4.1 - Evaluating the utility of the QUAL-EC in the clinical care of patients with advanced cancer Anne Wilkinson
C4.2 C4.2 - Responding to urgency of need in palliative care: The development of a decision aid for Palliative Care triage Bethany Russell
C4.3 C4.3 - Patient safety at the end of life: Patient expertise and the trouble with ‘the logic of patient choice’ Aileen Collier
C4.4 C4.4 - How is quality of life defined by palliative care patients? A synthesis of qualitative research Nikki McCaffrey
C5.1 C5.1 - Development of a Carer package for safe administration of subcutaneous medications across the Grampians Region Regina Kendall
C5.2 C5.2 - Hearing ‘the patient’s voice’: Exploring patient perceptions of hospice services to inform future service design Martin Woods
C5.3 C5.3 - Keeping Families Fit For the Future:  A Strategic Framework to Address the Complex Needs of Adult Cancer Patients with Minor Children Brandy Ficek
C5.4 C5.4 - Exploring the influence of migration experiences Chinese migrant women carers: Strategies to improve palliative care access for Chinese families Mary Heidenreich
C6.1 C6.1 - An explorative study of a new intervention for couples to facilitate communication around end of life issues Elizabeth Lobb
C6.2 C6.2 - ‘No one told me he was dying’: End of life care in the acute hospital environment, family members’ perspectives. Jade Odgers
C6.3 C6.3 - Implementing facilitated case conferencing for aged care residents with advanced dementia – development of a Palliative Care Planning Coordinator role Tim Luckett
C6.4 C6.4 - Is there evidence that conducting family meetings in palliative care is worth the effort: Results from a systematic review Jane Phillips