Information Development World 2015


The Acrolinx platform helps the world's greatest organizations create amazing content: on-brand, on-target, and at scale. Built on an advanced linguistic analytics technology, Acrolinx is the only software platform in the world that can actually “read” your content and guide writers to make it better. Backed by 100 man-years of R&D, Acrolinx analyzes thousands of dimensions of your language including your style, terminology, readability, and tone to ensure everything you write is more engaging, enjoyable and impactful. That’s why companies like Adobe, Boeing, Google, and Philips trust Acrolinx.


Astoria Software is the world's most successful enterprise solution for XML Component Content Management and the first to deliver both an Enterprise-wide SaaS/On-Demand and an On-Premises approach to structured content management. Cisco Systems, Teradata, ITT Fluid Technology, Siemens Healthcare, Northrop Grumman, ShoreTel, LexisNexis and other Forbes Global 2000 manufacturers rely on Astoria to meet increasingly competitive demands for product documentation--high volume, accelerated time-to-market, and globalized output. 

Astoria Component Content Management reduces documentation costs up to 90 percent, compresses product launch times from months to weeks, and generates productivity and management benefits with its flexible delivery model. Astoria Software, a division of TransPerfect, Inc., is based in San Francisco. For more information, visit


easyDITA is for organizations that want all of the power of DITA with minimal complexity. easyDITA is a complete DITA authoring and content management tool that’s powerful enough for the professional technical writer, yet friendly enough for the subject matter expert. easyDITA will have you collaborating with DITA content on Day 1. It's flexible enough to be delivered either as Software as a Service or installed on-premises. Not only that, it's affordable for organizations of all sizes.

Antidot is proud to introduce Fluid Topics, its new dynamic content publishing solution, transforming the way users benefit from your technical documentation. 

Break the bounds of static content, empower users and develop actionable insights with Fluid Topics dynamic publishing. Our solution gives users the power to find and navigate technical information from any source on any device. By combining it from a variety of content silos, you create a unified access point and enhance customer support. Fluid Topics gives life to digital information so that your company, partners and users are free to dynamically reuse, shape and share the content they need whenever they need it. Fluid Topics also gives you the tools to examine how people actually use your documentation. Now you know what they look for and what you should focus on. 

Since 1999, Antidot has helped more than 150 clients in the areas of publishing, e-commerce, healthcare, corporate portals and intranets.

Founded in 1998, Ixiasoft is a trusted global leader in the XML content management software industry. Its signature product DITA CMS is an award winning, end-to-end component content management solution (CCMS) deployed by industry leaders such as SAP®, ARM®, AMD and BlackBerry®. From authoring to reviewing, localizing and publishing, DITA CMS provides all the tools required for large, global organizations to support their entire DITA documentation process. IXIASOFT is also the developer of TEXTML Server, a native XML database and powerful search engine. IXIASOFT solutions are accessed by thousands of users worldwide in various vertical markets such as software, hi-tech, newspaper, and medical device manufacturing. For more information, please visit or connect with IXIASOFT on Twitter and LinkedIn. Already a DITA CMS user? Join the IXIASOFT DITA CMS User Group on LinkedIn.

oXygen XML editor is the best XML editor available, with a large number of users ranging from non-technical to XML experts offering both XML development and XML authoring. The XML authoring support is available on multiple platforms, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc. in different forms — as a desktop application, as an Eclipse plugin, as a Java component working inside a custom Java application or working within a browser as an Applet, or as a Web application running on a server and providing a HTML5+Javascript interface, thus making XML accessible from mobile devices, smart phones and tablets.

oXygen offers ready-to-use DITA support including visual editing, DITA-OT integration, DITA maps manager and much more. Its change tracking and annotation support, coupled with the possibility to create simplified user interfaces and its availability across platforms make it an ideal tool for capturing content from SMEs or for reviewing DITA documents (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris) and can be used either standalone or as an Eclipse plugin.

Quark Enterprise Solutions software enables financial services firms, manufacturers, airlines, governments and other global organizations to elevate communications to new levels, reduce time to market, ensure compliance and lower costs. Our solutions combine the power of XML and component content management with flexible layout and design to automate the delivery of business-critical communications to the Web, print, and mobile devices. Organizations can now streamline content creation to consumption, deploying content with precision throughout the content lifecycle.

SDL is the leader in global customer experience. We untangle the complexity of managing your brand’s digital footprint as it grows across multiple languages, cultures, websites, devices and channels. With a complete integrated cloud solution for content management, analytics, language and documentation, SDL doesn’t just bring your brand to the world. We bring the world to your brand.


Content Insight, creator of CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, brings together technology and content strategy to create tools to support and power human insights. The Content Analysis Tool is a fully-supported, cloud-based, software-as-a-service tool that creates and manages comprehensive content inventories via a user-friendly interface. CAT is designed for content strategists, user experience architects and content managers. It enables those who create and update content inventories, analyze page data, perform content audits, manage sites, or supervise content migrations to save hours of time typically spent on manually documenting site structure and page data and tracking ongoing changes throughout a project. Content professionals can now spend less time wrangling data and more time on analyzing, strategizing, and other high-value tasks. Content Insight was co-founded by content strategist Paula Land.

Content Rules provides consulting guidance and professional services to companies across the entire content lifecycle. Our clients range from new technology startups to Fortune 100 companies in the high-tech, life sciences, medical device and manufacturing sectors. Our content development services include technical documentation, marketing collateral, and training development. We provide services using our large network of technically-astute consultants located in Silicon Valley and throughout the U.S. Our consulting practice specializes in content strategy, structured authoring, new publishing technologies and global readiness. Content Rules is a preferred implementation and services partner of Acrolinx, the leading content optimization software for the enterprise. We are the only authorized implementation partner for The Rockley Strategic Method™ from renowned content strategist Ann Rockley.

DitaExchange simplifies the way organizations create, manage, deliver and re-use important content through structured content management solutions built to run on the SharePoint platform. By helping companies produce and maintain important information quickly and following compliance guidelines, employees spend less time keeping up with regulations and more time reaching company goals.

Ingeniux delivers the next generation of multi-channel publishing for structured content with advanced portal, community, and collaboration functionality. Ingeniux software empowers the world's leading organizations to deliver engaging content dynamically and includes pre-built connectors to the leading CCMS providers. Ingeniux allows content from all sources to be delivered as a single unified portal (DITA, Salesforce/Dynamics, Custom Content, PDFs etc)- providing an unrivalled customer experience. 

Content Targeting and Personalization 

Powerful content targeting and personalization features in Ingeniux CMS help you deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time. Personalize content based on audience and implicit interests, explicit user profiles and preferences. 

Cloud-Based Digital Experience Management 

Ingeniux an enterprise-class content management solution in a secure cloud environment; with 10-years experience in cloud-based digital experience management, a global network, and 24/7 support and service.

LOGOS subject matter experts have exceptional industry knowledge. They serve as a valuable resource through the entire process of bringing your products, brands, technologies and services to the global market and take crucial a role in establishing effective quality assurance measures. Logos project and account management teams are the engine room providing the clarity in direction, bringing diverse activities within a unified process and delivering the right results, supported by best practices for planning, execution and performance.

Structuring and tagging your content means your customers can find it easily and use it from any device. It can also streamline writing, reviewing, and localization. But implementing structured content takes knowledge and careful judgement. Mekon guide you through this journey, whether you’re starting out and need some orientation; looking at tools and need an objective evaluation process; or wondering how to get more out of an established implementation. Mekon’s consulting and training services include content strategy checkups, solution evaluation and prototyping, end-to-end information architecture, taxonomy design and development, style sheet development, iterative project guidance, and system implementation

MindTouch is a San Diego-based software company that industry leaders like Cisco, Intuit, and Accenture rely upon to turn their customers into product experts by providing content that's mobile-ready and search engine optimized. Our software takes self-service beyond support by transforming the user guides and manuals your company already produces into a customer engagement channel. By making product and help content easy for customers to find and consume, this content becomes a cornerstone of the customer experience that's used from marketing all the way through account management. MindTouch provides game-changing insight into your customer's experience by tying the customer record (CRM) and the customer's self-service behavior together. Our customers have seen MindTouch double organic web traffic, triple user time on site, and reduce bounce rates by 50%. We are the leading authority on turning buyers & customers into kick-ass product experts.

Precision Content Authoring Solutions partners with you to define, design, and build a solution to transform your content that fits your budget, capabilities, and IT infrastructure. We then equip your organization with the tools and training needed to maintain and grow your new content using sustainable best practices. Our content transformation team is here to help you through the difficult process of rebuilding your high-value content from the ground up using our Precision Content™ authoring methods and tools. 

Our team of technical communication experts and information architects are highly skilled and experienced in:

  • information governance 
  • content strategy 
  • topic-based structured authoring 
  • taxonomy and metadata design 
  • content audits and inventory 
  • training development 
  • new media publishing, and 
  • content lifecycle management. 
  • Visit our website to learn more about how we help companies every day. 

Saiff Solutions is a technical writing outsourcing company based in the Tagaytay City, Philippines. Led by Founder and CEO Barry Saiff, a US expat and technical communications leader with over 30 years of experience, Saiff Solutions offers the best of both worlds: outstanding documentation with excellent quality control, at a fraction of U.S. rates. 

Saiff Solutions benefits from the highly educated labor force of the Philippines, home to the fourth-largest English-speaking population in the world. Saiff Solutions employs technical writers, technical editors, and graphic designers who are trained in topic-based authoring and familiar with a variety of the latest technical communications tools and methodologies. Saiff Solutions offers content strategy consulting, and free initial outsourcing strategy consultations.

Does your content support your business goals or obstruct them? Is your content a business assets or a costly liability? Scriptorium Publishing offers content strategy services to help customers solve business problems and achieve strategic goals. Our mission is to transform content into a business asset.

Secret Sushi Creative is a passionate team of creative chefs who are dedicated to helping your business grow. In today's digitally driven world, a dash of design, social media marketing & technology are each essential ingredients used to attract and engage customers. When skillfully combined these ingredients have a profound impact on your success. We help you choose just the right ingredients for your business, attracting hungry new customers and reminding current customers to come back for more.

Stilo International are the developers of OmniMark - a specialist tool for developing high-performance XML/SGML content processing applications, Migrate – an XML cloud service that enables subject matter experts (SMEs) to automate the conversion of their content from various source formats including FrameMaker, Word, InDesign and RoboHelp to DITA XML, and AuthorBridge – a new enterprise DITA authoring solution that enables SMEs to make browser-based contributions to a CCMS at very low cost. AuthorBridge is due for general release in October 2015. Operating from offices in the UK and Canada, we support customers in Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, High Tech, Publishing and Government. Visit our booth at Information Development World 2015 to find out more.

Titania Software produces innovative content publishing solutions for organizations that have critical, often complex and high volume, product and service information that must be made readily available to both internal and external audiences. The Titania solutions enable content developers to quickly and easily create content that can be dynamically delivered online, while further allowing content consumers to access, personalize, and interact with content from any device. Titania software’s cloud-based solutions enable rapid deployment, minimize IT impact, and provide significant efficiencies in content publishing and delivery. Unlike traditional publishing solutions Titania Software provides a dynamic information experience for information consumers unlocking content from individual documents and enabling information to be viewed and reassembled at a component or topic level. This new paradigm makes accessing the right information faster and easier. For more information and a free trial please visit

Vasont Systems provides component content management software and XML data services to Fortune 1,000 companies and global organizations from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, technology, publishing, financial, and healthcare. Since 1992, Vasont Systems has helped companies organize their critical business assets, manage productivity, and disseminate information in many languages to multiple media channels while reducing their costs by an average of 63% and shortening overall cycle times by 75% on average. The Company has been named multiple times to the eContent 100 list of “best and brightest digital content companies,” and to eContent Magazine’s list of Trendsetting Products. Vasont Systems is a member of the TransPerfect family of companies. For more information, visit

The Vasont® Content Management System enables organizations to consolidate, manage, and control multilingual content - such as technical documentation, training materials, labeling, and reference materials - as a single source for maximum component-level reuse and multichannel delivery. The Vasont CMS provides single-source management of structured and unstructured content and assets, metadata management, exceptional content reuse capabilities, translation management, bi-directional link management, release management, predictive project management and reporting capabilities, cohesive integration with leading XML editing, translation, and publishing tools, and support for any standard including DITA, SCORM, DocBook, and custom DTDs, as well as other industry-specific standards. The Vasont CMS can be purchased as a perpetual license or a SaaS (software as a service) model. 

Vasont WebLNX® is an easy-to-use web-based tool for remote authors and global reviewers to contribute, edit, and review their content. Using Vasont WebLNX, content contributors can readily collaborate on their content with their international colleagues to refine and prepare their content for quicker distribution to the market.

WittyParrot is a cloud based content productivity solution that helps companies to achieve speed and consistency and become rapid response organizations. WittyParrot speeds the organizational responsiveness by enabling customer facing professionals (e.g., sales, marketing, customer service) dynamically assemble the right & relevant content for every need - by simple ‘drag & drop’ into any application. The magic of WittyParrot is that it brings the "right & relevant" content right at the point of use - be it for your emails, presentations, proposals, documents or social media. Witty Parrot makes "personalized communications at scale" a reality and gives an unfair competitive advantage to those companies that embrace it. The Always-on (online & offline) widget provides access to ‘rich reusable content blocks’ called “wits” comprising of content at sub-document level AND documents /collaterals for instant ‘drag & drop’ into any target applications where you can type text or attach files. WittyParrot has integrations with Salesforce, social media, document storage solutions such as Box, SharePoint, etc. with innovative and complementary value proposition.

XEditor delivers a web-based and highly intuitive XML authoring platform that not only satisfies end-users but also developers who need a modern and extensible framework. The user-friendly front end leads authors intuitively through a defined document structure with real-time validation. Our innovative JavaScript architecture allows seamless integration into existing technologies and systems (CMS, DMS, PIM, etc.) and may be configured for any DTD/Schema. We currently provide out-of-box support for DITA, DocBook, PI-Mod - with support for TEI and NLM/JATS available soon. Learn more at

Xmetal Author Enterprise achieves the perfect balance between ease of use for authors and a powerful feature set for technical experts in structured authoring. XMetaL is a world-class editor for DITA out of the box, and now the first editor on the market to provide complete and fully customized support for the upcoming DITA 1.3 standard. While DITA is a primary focus area, XMetaL also serves as a platform for creating a natural, easy to use authoring experience for any XML document type, through configuration of editor style sheets, templates, custom dialogs, embedded forms, macros, and more. In addition, XMetaL works closely with other providers of XML and structured content tools, including all well-known content management systems, grammar, usage and vocabulary tools to bring their capabilities seamlessly into the authoring interface.



The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world’s leading trade association for the language industry with over 400 member companies in more than 50 countries. As a nonprofit membership organization, we provide resources, education, advocacy, and research for thousands of global companies. GALA’s mission is to support our members and the language industry by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology. For more information:

MultiLingual Computing is the world's leading source of information for the language technology industry. Through our magazine, website and social media platforms MultiLingual informs you of anything you need to know about events, news, development and opportunities in translation and localization

We produce Localization World, a conference and dedicated to the language and localization industries, in partnership with The Localization Institute. International product and marketing managers from high-tech, automotive, medical, financial and other manufacturing and service industries come to Localization World to meet language service and technology providers and to network with their peers in other companies and industries. Information on past and future conferences can be found on the website.

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From educational and research content to the latest news, features, and commentary, TechWhirl offers something for everyone who needs to know about technical communication and content management. We love this stuff and think that you should too so visit us at TechWhirl.Com or @techwritertoday.

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