2015 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning
2015 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning
October 21-23
Buena Vista Palace
Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida

 "Absolutely the best conference! The location, app, programming, exhibit hall
 and events encouraged invaluable interaction. Kudos!"

Thank you for joining us!

The National Conference on Philanthropic Planning  is a unique meeting place for

all of the professionals who make charitable giving most meaningful. In your work,

you’d love to find these people at the planning table—charitable, financial and estate

advisors with the experience and spirit to build the legacies their donors and clients

desire. At the conference, you’ll sit around the training table, collaborating with the

experts at the podium and your peers in the seats to build your own experience and

spirit. At home, you’ll be more confident and creative in your work with donors and

clients, and more precise in communicating your results to your managers.


What makes NCPP unique?

The Big Payday: A Shaking the Tree Production
Presented by:

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to witness family dynamics in a high net-worth home, this is your chance! PPP has partnered with Graystone Consulting, a business of Morgan Stanley to bring you a live production of The Big Payday, A Shaking the Tree living case study. This event will allow you to get a glimpse into how wealth impacts family communications across generations. An essential staple of family office conferences, The Big Payday will be one of the most transformational experiences of your career. If this is the only thing you do this year to learn about high net-worth families, you will not be disappointed!

“Employing a theater-oriented approach, Shaking the Tree highlights the challenges that come with inherited wealth, family business succession and other issues by acting them out in front of an audience. The philanthropic planning audience leaves with concrete examples of how to engage in more meaningful and powerful intergenerational conversations.” – Melanie Schnoll-Begun, Managing Director and Head, Morgan Stanley Philanthropy Management

Click here to see an excerpt of The Big Payday.

Continuing Education Credits:
   CFRE: Approved for 1 point
   CAP: Approved for 1 PACE credit
   CFP: Approved for 1 hour

JUMPSTART: Gift Planning Fundamentals

Geared toward novice planners, this special pre-conference seminar will introduce you to concepts and techniques essential to well-rounded fundraising. The seminar will prepare you for educational sessions during the conference.
JUMPSTART Continuing Education Credits:
CFRE: Approved for 4 points
CAP: Approved for 4 PACE credits
CFP: Approved for 4 hours


Enlighten us! But make it quick. IGNITE! is a presentation format that challenges speakers to beat the clock by telling a great story in just five minutes, with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. You can see one of the IGNITE! talkers from the 2014 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning by clicking here. Ten to twelve attendees at the 2015 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning will be selected to present IGNITE! talks during a morning plenary session on Friday, October 23. We're looking for talks that convey people, experiences and/or ideas that have been inspiring--even transformative--for the presenter. 

If you'd like to share your story as one of our IGNITE! talkers, click here. Each IGNITE! presenter who is registered for the full conference will receive a $100 discount on the registration fee.

Six Education Tracks
We know that how you ‘do’ philanthropic planning depends on your professional background, your prospect or client base, your budget and staff resources, your mission, your metrics and a dozen other factors. We've designed six tracks to connect you with the most helpful content and peers: 
  • Planned Gift Specialists
  • Marketing Masters
  • Major and Blended Gifts
  • Professional Development for Advisors
  • Executive Briefing
  • The Summit

Click here for more information about these unique tracks.