2015 ACS State Conference

The 2015 ACS State Conference offers unrivaled business-to-business opportunities with the church, charitable and not-for-profit sector of the Aged Care Industry. ACS NSW & ACT have over 300 member organisations, with over 2500 facilities and services enabling sponsors and exhibitors extensive market reach.


Exhibitions Work!


 It is a proven fact that exhibitions are an effective part of the marketing mix:

  • Exhibitions bring your most active prospects and customers to you
  • Exhibitions allow you to demonstrate products, answer questions, overcome objections and meet your market face-to-face.
  • Exhibitions allow you to harness all five senses to drive home your message.
  • Exhibitions allow you to further virtualise all of  your marketing goals at the same time
         -          long term brand building to immediate sales

         -          research the market to generate media coverage

         -        launch new products to entertain loyal customers

(Exhibitions Work, Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia)


Sponsorship and Exhibitions in any industry are critical business tools, and in Aged Care Sector it is no different. ACS members commit to attending our State Conference to gain knowledge and insight into Aged Care issues, developments and future directions at all levels including products and services.


The Conference Committee target the following people to attend the event:

  • Key stakeholders in the Aged and Community Services industry
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Senior Managers, Decision Makers
  •  Board Members
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Care Managers 

We invite you to participate in this strategic marketing opportunity at the 2015 ACS State Conference. There are a wide range of Sponsorship and Exhibition Packages are available.