Association of International Schools in Africa


1 - 3 May 2020

Zanzibar, Tanzania




Learn, Reflect and Relax 

Join us for the AISA School Heads’ Retreat in beautiful Zanzibar where we create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for school heads with opportunities for conversation, networking, peer to peer learning and collaboration.

The School Heads Retreat (SHR) programme is designed as an opportunity for heads of school to learn from each other, to network, to share and reflect on their expertise in a facilitated and productive way. This year we have added a focus on wellbeing and semi-structured time for informal conversations between peers. For heads new to Africa, it will be a chance to get to know their colleagues and experience first-hand the collegial and generous spirit that characterizes the AISA region. All of this will happen in the fascinating surroundings of Zanzibar where there will be ample time to relax and explore as well.

As a result of participating in the SHR, you can expect to:

  • Engage in informal conversations and discussions with other Heads in our region to build professional networks, connections and peer support.
  • Discuss questions, issues, and challenges from your professional practice and seek advice from your peers in Collaborative Enquiry workshops.
  • Learn how your peers have achieved ambitious goals and aspirations and consider applications for your practice and context in Innovative Practice workshops.
  • Engage with the issue of improving wellbeing across the school and creating a culture of wellness in our Talking Point Workshop.
  • Raise questions, discuss, offer suggestions and gain the views of others in semi-structured Open Space facilitation.
  • Engage with future-focused issues in international education, consider your responses and plan in the Future Focus workshops.
  • Participate in a cultural experience in Zanzibar to deepen your appreciation of our region.

Creating a Culture of Wellness


Zanzibar Island is a jewel in the ocean, surrounded by beaches that rate among the finest in the world. Here you can swim, snorkel or just lounge the hours away, while shoals of luminous fish graze over nearby coral gardens and pods of dolphins frolic offshore.
- Description by Lonely Planet


The AISA School Heads Retreat (SHR) will provide ample opportunity to engage in informal discussions with other school heads, seek advice and learn from your peers.

Learning Institutes

SHR 2020 will offer in-depth learning institutes or workshops over the 2 days. We have invited an  expert practitioner to help tackle the issue of wellbeing in our schools. We will also have a chance to learn from each other during the innovative practice and collaborative enquiry workshops.