Patient Services

Americans with Disabilities Act-Compliant Hotel Rooms

Anaheim Marriott has a limited number of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant hotel rooms. The need for ADA-compliant rooms will be high, and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The hotel will try to assign patients to lower-floor rooms, as close as possible to elevators.

Wheelchair and Scooter Rental 

If you need to rent a wheelchair or scooter for the duration of conference, local rental companies include:

Scooter Bug

Lenox Medical Supply

Apple Scooter

Wheelchair Transportation Assistance 

PHA recognizes that the Anaheim Marriott is a large property; walking longer distances will be necessary. A limited number of volunteers will be available to transport attendees by PHA-provided wheelchairs onsite. This service will be available for assistance to/from sessions only. Wheelchairs will not be for rent, nor will they be available for transport other than to/from sessions.

Translation Services 

Volunteer English/Spanish translators will be available onsite. Check back for updated information.

General sessions on Friday and Saturday will have simultaneous interpretation in Spanish.

Refrigerators and Oxygen 

If you require a refrigerator in your hotel room, it is your responsibility to request it when making your hotel reservation. Only a limited number of refrigerators are available. If you call the hotel to request a refrigerator, please remind the hotel that your request is related to medical needs.

If you require oxygen, please make arrangements with a provider prior to your arrival in Anaheim. The hotel can receive your pre-ordered oxygen supplies and deliver them to your room upon check-in.

Patient Rest Stop

The Patient Rest Stop is a quiet room for attendees who would like to take a break, require a cold ice pack or distilled water (available free of charge), or store their extra oxygen.

The Patient Rest Stop will be accessible from 5 p.m. PDT, Wednesday, June 10, until 3 p.m. PDT, Sunday, June 14. 

Leaving personal items, including oxygen, in the Patient Rest Stop will be at your own risk. PHA will not provide security or lockers for personal items.