Creating Your Poster

SAVIR is using the Learning Toolbox ePosters this year.  Posters are no longer one dimensional, limited to information that just fits on a standard printed poster. 
If you plan to publish your research, please refer to ePosters and Publication information below.

You will have the ability to incorporate any of the following items in your ePoster:

Your ePoster will have both a physical and online presence at the SAVIR conference - a mini-poster that will be displayed and an interactive ePoster that will be available online for up to one year.  As a poster presenter, you make both of these within the Learning Toolbox.

Your ePoster will also live beyond the event, as you can continue to share it and even add to it after the event.  However, you control this option if you plan to publish an article in the future. You can send out messages to your ePoster viewers within the ePoster and your viewers can post questions or comments to your ePoster, to which you can respond. This discussion will be attached to your ePoster and can continue after the event.

Once your poster is accepted, you will be sent an invitation to log-in and start your ePoster. This will include your personalized link to the Learning Toolbox so you can start creating your ePoster.

More information

Here are samples of ePosters for you to review, along with commentary about what makes them so effective.

Below are three links with more information.

  • The Quick Guide is a written guide in PDF format
  • Explore an example ePoster video is 7:00 minutes
  • How to create an ePoster video is a full demo and is 21:00 minutes


SAVIR is providing a personal help desk for ePoster development.  Just call SAVIR during business hours Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

E-posters and publication

There have been some concerns raised that having the e-posters available online after the conference could impact future publication. We have confirmed that most journal editors would not consider publication of conference posters to be “prior publication” and thus having an e-poster should not prevent submission of a full-length research article in a journal. As with all things, if you are planning to submit your work to a journal it is important to confirm this with the specific journal to which you are planning to submit.  Additionally, make sure that you are not duplicating text between the poster and the journal article so that it does not get tagged by plagiarism software and acknowledge that you presented at the conference and cite the abstract/poster when you submit. You will also have the option to NOT have your poster available online after the conference.