Take A Look At Who's Exhibiting at Travel Market!

"I met suppliers that I have known about but didn't really see the point in using them.. I have never been a "preferred" vendor person.. I liked to book what I wanted to book when I wanted to book it... but since the conference I have been a preferred supplier fool... I have booked 3 Goway packages in 2 weeks and I haven't used them in decades. I see the benefit of working with suppliers that are wanting to work with us now and my goal is to really bring my 50/50 up to at least 75/25 with preferred winning out...
I signed up with a CRM that I heard about from another agent... I have started posting on LinkedIn... I am sending out Bon Voyage and Welcome Home emails which I stopped doing about 15 years ago and am getting great feedback. I am smiling when I answer the phone.. and that is another thing, I am actually answering the phone instead of letting it go to voice mail.

You guys have breathed life back into this old worn out shell of a travel agent ;) and I thank you
for it!!" 

Suzanne J. Smith, ACC
Owner/Manager, Champagne Vacations LLC