Terra 2022


Given the postponement of Terra 2022 for one year, the Congress will be now held 50 years after the first convening of specialists in earthen architectural heritage. To celebrate this fiftieth anniversary and to stimulate conversations around earthen heritage prior to the Congress, the Terra 2022 Partners are planning to post monthly virtual events and materials through the Congress website. All events are free and open to all who are interested.

Beginning in June 2021 until June 2022, we have invited earthen architectural heritage specialists from around the world to present virtual blogs, videos, interviews, podcasts, and webinars on the significance of earthen architecture, the people who work and live with earth, and how the field has developed. These events will showcase the wealth, variety and significance of earthen heritage in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, and internationally.

Every month, we will provide a platform for organizations and individuals who have been central to the field to share their work. See the list of upcoming events on this page. More information about those programs and how to register for them will be posted soon. Don’t forget to check back each month for updated information about upcoming events!


Click here for more information on Terra 2022 World Congress on Earthen Architectural Heritage.

June 2021 
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Terra 2022 Virtual Event Series Launch: A Live Roundtable Conversation with the Terra 2022 Partners
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Senses of Place Online Discussions Presented by School for Advanced Research (SAR)
Showing our Strength: Resilience and Compassion in the Indigenous Southwest

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SICRAT 2021: Seminario Internacional de Conservación y Restauración de Arquitectura de Tierra / International Seminar on the Conservation and Restoration of Earthen Architecture
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University of Minho Video Series

October 2021
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Getty Conservation Institute Projects on the Conservation of Earthen Architecture

November 2021
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Cornerstones Community Partnerships: Sustaining the Southwest's Earthen Architecture Heritage

December 2021
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Educational Video: EL ADOBE

January 2022
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Earthen architectural heritage: CRAterre’s vision and practices

February 2022
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University of Cuenca Virtual Events

March 2022
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Perspectives on the conservation of Buddhist earthen material heritage in the Himalayan region

April 2022
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Mud Talks - Preserving Earthen Architecture

May 2022
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Celebrating 50 years of TERRA events