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Getty Conservation Institute Projects on the Conservation of Earthen Architecture



Project Description

The Getty Conservation Institute supports the field of earthen architecture conservation through a vigorous program that includes laboratory research, field projects, training, conferences, and publications. Some of the earliest projects the GCI engaged in focused on earthen architecture and decorated earthen finishes, including the conservation of the Royal bas-reliefs in Abomey, Benin (1995-1997) and the Mogao Cave Temples in Dunhuang, China. The GCI has also been involved in international collaborations addressing training in the conservation of earthen architecture, and organized conferences and colloquia on the topic. In 2006, the Earthen Architecture Initiative (EAI) organized and participated in experts meetings to identify key areas for project research and implementation.

The Earthen Architecture Initiative seeks to advance earthen architecture conservation through: model projects that improve the way conservation interventions are carried out, research that addresses unanswered questions in earthen conservation, capacity building, and dissemination of information for appropriate conservation interventions on historic buildings, settlements, and archaeological sites composed of earthen materials.

Currently the EAI is engaged in international activities and institutional partnerships through the Seismic Retrofitting Project for historic earthen buildings in Perú, the International Course on the Conservation of Earthen Architecture and the Terra 2022 World Congress on Earthen Architectural Heritage. The following videos showcase many of the activities the GCI has carried out with its partners to address the challenges of conserving earth.


Presentation Team

Getty Conservation Institute

The Getty Conservation Institute works internationally to advance conservation practice in the visual arts—objects, collections, architecture, and sites. The Institute serves the conservation community through scientific research, education and training, field projects, and disseminating information. In all our endeavors, we create and deliver knowledge that contributes to the conservation of the world's cultural heritage.


International Course on Earthen Architecture 2018:


Conserving the Church of Kuñotambo:

Kasbah Taourirt: Conserving Earthen Heritage in Morocco:

Preserving the Mogao Cave Temples Site:



Royal Bas-Reliefs of Abomey:

Getty Seismic Adobe Project:

The California Missions: History, Art, and Preservation:


The Terra 2022 year-long virtual lead-up event series, running from June 2021 to June 2022, presents the richness and diversity of earthen architectural heritage around the world, the individuals and organizations working in the sector, and the communities who care for this heritage and its traditions.

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