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Cornerstones Community Partnerships: Sustaining the Southwest's Earthen Architectural Heritage



Cornerstones has always been dedicated to preserving the architectural heritage and cultural traditions of New Mexico and the greater Southwest, using a hands-on approach to teach and reinforce these methods to both adults and youth. Our work and methods, presented in videos for the Terra 2022 conference, look to sustain both living New Mexican communities and their rich and diverse cultural roots. We believe such involvement fosters community pride, historic senses of place, and cultural values and traditions. We have assisted more than 380 architectural treasures and historic sites throughout Northern New Mexico and the greater Southwest.

Our pre-conference virtual event is a playlist of videos hosted online. The playlist captures completed work we have done or overseen as well as recordings that show the processes by which we preserve adobe structures. Videos discuss both specific methods and general approaches with a hope that they will be informative to both beginners and practitioners. Showing ideal project worksites and completed projects gives a well-rounded view of our work and how others could take our practices into their preservation and earthen construction projects.


Virtual Event Organizer

Jake Barrow | Cornerstones

Jake Barrow

Jake Barrow is the Program Director for Cornerstones, having joined the organization in 2009. He served as Executive Director from 2016 through 2020 when he returned to his former position. He retired from a thirty-year historic preservation career in the National Park Service, twenty years of which he spent as project manager and architectural conservator on Park Service projects in the Intermountain Region that focused on earthen, stone, and timber architecture. His work at Cornerstones has seen him oversee dozens of traditional building restoration projects across New Mexico and the West, at churches, community buildings, historic sites, and National Monuments. He is the 1996 recipient of the Appleman-Judd Award for Cultural Resource Stewardship in the NPS. He received the 2002 New Mexico Heritage Preservation Award and in 2015 he received the New Mexico Lifetime Achievement Heritage Preservation Award.

Media Contact

Lucas Burdick, lburdick@cstones.org, 505-982-9521 x100


The Terra 2022 year-long virtual lead-up event series, running from June 2021 to June 2022, presents the richness and diversity of earthen architectural heritage around the world, the individuals and organizations working in the sector, and the communities who care for this heritage and its traditions.

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