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Educational Video: EL ADOBE


University of Santiago Presentation Description

The educational video EL ADOBE seeks to transmit knowledge about earthen construction in Chile, focused on adobe construction. Adobe is the most used material in earthen constructions in Chile, it is an important part of the built heritage, constituting around 30% of the constructions in the central zone of Chile affected by the 2010 earthquake.

Adobe constructions in Chile can be found from Arica in the Atacama Desert in the north, to Chile Chico in Patagonia in the south. Despite this, adobe is a constructive technique rarely studied; almost forgotten.

There is little professional training on earthen construction in Chile, so professionals have little information. The transfer of knowledge from generation to generation has been lost, and along with that the constructive culture of our built heritage.

This video is the result of an investigation carried out in the central zone of Chile, so it represents the construction culture in adobe of this territory.

This material aims to be a contribution to preserve that culture, contribute to the strengthening of our heritage and promote the reintegration of earthen construction in the training of construction professionals and technicians. This project was developed by Amanda Rivera Vidal and Cristian Muñoz Catalán between 2011 and 2012 thanks to funding from the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile.   


Presentation Group

Amanda Rivera Vidal and Cristian Muñoz Catalán created the society of mutual ideas RIVERA + MUÑOZ and ESTIERRA, from which they have developed various projects to raise awareness and educate on earthen construction, the associated territory, and its constructive cultures since 2009. Their joint works include “Ancestral Cities Ancestral Sustainability”, the educational video “EL ADOBE” and “Or did you know it?”, the winning video of the Chilean Architecture Biennial 2012. Amanda Rivera Vidal is a Chilean architect, specializing in earthen construction from the CRAterre-ENSAG Laboratory (France) and a Master's in Cultural Heritage from the Universidad Católica (Chile), an expert member of the scientific committees of ICOMOS ISCEAH and CIAV. Cristian Muñoz Catalán is a Chilean professor of plastic arts and an audiovisual producer specializing in documentary film by the International School of Film and TV of San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba)



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