Pre-Conference Workshops



November 11

Screening, Diagnosing & Treating Airway/Disorders for Physicians and Dentists: A Collaborative Approach

$795 Workshop Only
​​​​​​​$395 In Addition to the Annual Meeting

Dr. Jerald Simmons
Dr. Rob Veis
Dr. Sal Rodas

November 11

The Breath Outlook: Catalyzing & Discovery

$795 Workshop Only
$395 In Addition to the Annual Meeting

A day of highlighting groundbreaking research, presenting new perspectives and forging new collaborations with case presentations and research proposals.

Moderator: Dr. Soroush Zaghi

November 11-12

Chelation Advanced Providers Practicum & Exam

$1495 ACAM Member
$1795 Non-Member

The workshop and practicum provides in-depth training by combining the information presented in the Step 1 webinars with a full course of new material.
The exam takes place on the afternoon of the second day.

November 11-12

The Science of Longevity: Stem Cell & Peptide Therapies

$795 ACAM Member
$995 Non-Member

The purpose of this intensive regenerative workshop is to critically review the large body of clinical work performed with respect to the use of stem/progenitor cells and peptides in humans.

Program Chair: Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz


November 12

Mycotoxin Illness/Cellular Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Rate to be determined

Dr. Neil Nathan