Room Assignments

Friday Pre-Conference Sessions - 8:45AM - 4:45PM

  EXPLORA - Tara Henderson and Victoria Roanhorse Cultivating Young Scientists using a Science Capital and Family Habitus Approach Acoma/Zuni/Tesuque
  NM FIT - Ana DeHoyos O'Connor Are You a Master Gardner? Culitivating Skills to Build Reciprocal Relationships with Infants/ Toddlers, Families & Programs Cochiti/Taos
  NM PED - September Gerety Creating Effective Systems for Responding to Challenging Behavior Santa Ana
  NAEYC - Meghan Hickey NAEYC Accreditation: Continuous Quality Improvement as a Journey Isleta / Jemez

Saturday Morning, 8AM - 10AM

Culturally Responsive Teaching Dr. Angela Redondo, Kathleen Roland, and Katrina Gallegos The Power of Playdough: Providing Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Early Learning Opportunities to Children & Families Zuni
Culturally Responsive Teaching Lauren Butcher and Caroline Rempe Water Wonders: Hands-On Explorations for You and Your Students Picuris
Culturally Responsive Teaching Christine Vining, Cathy Riley Aiko Allen, Kadriye El-Atwani, Daphne Littlebear, Mayra Valtierrez Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Practices Across New Mexico Program Serving Native American Children Tesuque
Trauma Informed Learning Donna Lucero and Paola Castillo Regulate Then Educate! (Trauma Informed) Santo Domingo
Positive Work Environment, Motivating Staff, Team Building Frank Spillers and Kim Spillers Get Along with Anyone Mesilla
Other: Infant Toddler Development Josephine Salas and Leigh Fernandez Schema Development in the Infant and Toddler Years Apache
Coaching Dr. David Atencio Architects at Work: Building developmental relationships in the classroom for compassion , socioemotional actualization and self-regulation Hopi
Coaching September Gerety Building Resiliance in Educators and Students Cochiti

Saturday Morning, 8:15-9:45AM

Family Engagement Cyndi Kuchera and Susan King Beneficiary Bugs Navajo
Family Engagement Sandy Heimerl and Karen Lucero Infants and Toddlers at High Risk for Cerebral Palsy: Concerns and Recommendations Anasazi
Family Engagement Julia Church Hoffman, Agustin Arredondo, Natalie Bonelli, Gilbert Chavez, Cyanne Garcia, and Brianna Joyce Sing, Clap, and Dance! Playful Music Making is for Everyone! Ruidoso
Culturally Responsive Teaching Tess Taylor Generation Green Isleta
Culturally Responsive Teaching Maria Elena Salazar Practical, Quality Activities ECE Professionals Can Use to Promote Culturally Responsive Teaching Chaco
Culturally Responsive Teaching Paige Isom, Xochitl Hernandez Responding Instead of Reacting: Child-centered Discipline Taos
Culturally Responsive Teaching Monica Pujol-Nassif Promoting Equity & Cultural Sensitivity with the CLASS Laguna
Social Emotional Development Amanda Rottman, Shelly Harrelson Choices Change Challenging Behavior San Miguel
Social Emotional Development Hollie Lovely and Janalyn Maes PBSKids Resources for Social Emotional Learning Pecos
Social Emotional Development Tsitsi Nyabando and Hongxia Zhao Physical Learning Environments that Fosters Learning and Development for Diverse Learners Santa Ana
Positive Work Environment, Motivating Staff, Team Building Baji Rankin and Anita Rios Need Resources for Your Early Childhood Program? Come hear about Local Shared Services Work and NewMexECA - Quality Through Shared Services La Cienega
Positive Work Environment, Motivating Staff, Team Building Meghann Hickey NAEYC 101: Putting it All Together with Portfolio Creation (Accrediation) Jemez

Saturday Morning, 10AM-11AM

Culturally Responsive Teaching Hongxia Zhao and Tsitsi Nyabando Culture and Developmental Diversity in Early Childhood Classrooms Picuris
Culturally Responsive Teaching Michelle Lafont and Deborah Jackson WIDA Early Years: FOCUS on Multilingual Language Learners and Their Families Tijeras
Culturally Responsive Teaching Rebecca Sanchez Hands-on Activities for Global Citizenship in the Primary Classroom Tesuque
Culturally Responsive Teaching Jason Foreman Developmental Decathlon: The Importance of Exercise for Neuro-Diverse Populations Cochiti
Policy Dr. Kathy DeSoto-Strickland NMAEYC's 2020 Legislative Agenda Taos
Health and Nutrition Monique Torres-Perish Healthy Kids, Healthy Pre-School Laguna
Coaching, Mentoring, Reflective Practice Crystal Tapia Tips & Tricks for Business Success La cienaga
Coaching, Mentoring, Reflective Practice Britton Goodwin Making Many Marvelous Manipulatives with Professor Bah-Boom! Mesilla
Coaching, Mentoring, Reflective Practice Martha Egnal and Deborah VanBuren Child Study: SPED and RTI in a Montessori Environment Nambe
Family Engagement Sean Buchanan Early Childhood Educational Success? It's As Easy As T.L.C! Anasazi
Family Engagement Kat Elwell and Jill Eaton Potts Actively Supporting and Protecting Gender-Expansive Kids Sandia
Family Engagement Amanda Gryzkewicz Gloyer Transforming Your Classroom to an "I Can Math" Classroom" Hopi
Social Emotional Development Sarah Candelaria and Sally-Ann Anderson Nature Play Every Day Chaco
Social Emotional Development Erin Armijo Social Emotional Learning - An Overview of CASEL Santa Ana
Social Emotional Development Angelina Toyota-Sharpe, Katherine Beck, and Maria Elena Jauregui-Cross What To Do with What "Rubs" Off Apache
Social Emotional Development Ingrid Hurlen Movement as Support for Brain Development and Social-Emotional Growth San Miguel

Saturday Afternoon 2:30-3:30PM

Culturally Responsive Teaching Alvino Sandoval and Dyan Torres Infusing cultural & linguistically appropriate practice Cochiti
Culturally Responsive Teaching Dr. Carolyn Newman Childhood Poverty: What Works? Chaco
Social Emotional Development Marcia Lee Unnever Surpise: Social Emotional Learning Begins with Movement Mesilla
Social Emotional Development Deborah Jackson and Ginger Towle Promoting Positive Engagement: Examining Our Attitudes about Pre-School Children's Behavior Laguna
Social Emotional Development Cristina Tartaglia Intuition and Autonomy Navajo
Positive Work Environment, Motivating Staff, Team Building Jenifer Romero Hiring Right the First Time! La Cienega
Policy Sondra Carpenter  Policy and Advocacy Nambe
Coaching & Reflective Practice Crystal Tapia How to Avoid Burnout Isleta/Jemez
Coaching & Reflective Practice Casey Williams Rituals, Traditions, Routines, and Transitions: Moving Through Time with Intention and Meaning Zuni
Coaching & Reflective Practice September Gerety From Surviving to Thriving: Stop Burnout by Creating a Culture of Belonging Tesuque
Family Engagement Samuel T. Rodriguez Mindfulness & Family Engagement Ruidoso

Saturday Afternoon 2:30-4pm

Coaching, Mentoring, Reflective Practice Frank Spillers and Kim Spillers Roll Out the Red Carpet in 10 Easy Steps Santa Ana/ Sandia
Coaching, Mentoring, Reflective Practice Liliana Sanchez and Mikila Crespin Relationship-based Practices San Juan
Positive Work Environment, Motivating Staff, Team Building Kathy DeSoto-Strickland and Alicia Borrego What's New In NMAEYC Picuris
Positive Work Environment, Motivating Staff, Team Building Kate Puckett and Angela Garcia Teachers Supporting Teachers: Tools for Empathy, Advocacy, and Collaboration Tewa
Policy Sondra Carpenter Policy Training with NMCCEA Acoma
Policy Lacey Daniell-Miller and Teton Saltes Winning Victories for Kids: Advocacy 101 Workshop Pecos
Social Emotional Development Edna Medrano Start Your Day the Brain Smart Way! Creating an Optimal Learning Environment for Infants and Toddlers Hopi
Family Engagement Felicia Nevarez Understanding and Preparing for Behavioral Needs Santo Domingo
Family Engagement Suzanne Kaufman Keynote breakout session: How to Draw a Friend Anasazi


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