Dubai Customs

As one of the earliest government departments, Dubai Customs has paved the way for some of the most pathbreaking developments that have contributed to the economy. As the host for the event, Dubai Customs continues its efforts to provide an environment that supports the flow of international trade while promoting security and combat illegitimate trade.

Dubai Customs understands the need to be the first to shape emerging opportunities in the world of international trade and customs while pioneering tomorrow's innovative solutions. And continue to protect society and sustaining economic development through compliance, facilitation and innovation.


The FCA was established in 2003 by virtue of decree law No. (1) of 2003, issued by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, then the president of the state on the establishment of the FCA.

The Authority is the entity entitled to deal with customs affairs in the State, and shall be responsible for customs policymaking along with preparing unified legislations for organizing Customs work and anti-customs smuggling and fraud. It shall also ensure their implementation by competent authorities according to this law and laws, regulations and decisions in force.