About Dubai

Where better to set the tone for the future than the incredible city of Dubai. There's something about Dubai that pushes the boundaries of our thinking. An excellent grounding spot for the World Expo 2020, Dubai will now play host to this extraordinary event by Dubai Customs. Dubai’s reputation for being the stage for some of the world's most iconic events holds true yet again while hosting the 5th edition of the WCO Global AEO Conference here in the United Arab Emirates.

Come explore what the city of Dubai has to offer at the event and outside of the event through its various tourist attractions across the emirates while building your network and getting the best of industry-based knowledge transfer.

Expo 2020

The nation's most anticipated project to date, Dubai Expo 2020 is all set to draw in the world through this massive event. Dubai Expo 2020 brings together millions of people to share ideas, showcase innovation, encourage collaboration and more than anything else, celebrate human ingenuity at its finest.

The largest event ever staged in the Arab world, this is also the first World Expo ever held in the region. Here visitors from around the world can experience warm Emirati hospitality at its finest. Here you can experience the UAE's best.

About UAE

The United Arab Emirates have always been driven by visionary leadership that have constantly challenged the norms. This is a nation that epitomises what it means to evolve through disruptive ideas through the ages. The UAE is home to the best, the tallest, the biggest, and everything that’s larger than life.

From playing host to some of the world’s biggest events to being a central hub of global trade opportunities, the UAE carries with it an unbeatable legacy and unmatched standards of excellence in it’s every venture.