2021 NIET National Conference

Registration for this event is now closed. If you need assistance, please email:  nietconference@niet.org 

NIET's 2021 National Conference, Next Level Learning, will be March 3-5, 2021. It will be entirely virtual, given the continued challenges and uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic presents.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions that are focused on the immediate needs teachers and leaders face and learn how to transform their instruction and leadership practices to reach the next level – no matter where they are now. NIET will provide educators with strategies and practical tools for virtual, in-person, and hybrid learning environments that they can use immediately, and specialists will also help attendees to plan and strengthen long-term goals and practices. 

NIET team members will facilitate learning through six key strands. Each strand consists of three sessions that build over the course of the conference through 90-minute trainings each day:

  • Strand 1: Maximizing Student Ownership of Learning – Whether In-Person or Virtual
  • Strand 2: Planning, Teaching, and Assessing with the Learner in Mind
  • Strand 3: Coaching as the Game-changer
  • Strand 4: Connecting the Dots between Curriculum and Instruction
  • Strand 5: The Leader as the Lead Learner
  • Strand 6: Raising the Bar for Teacher Preparation 



The conference is open to all educators in both K-12 and higher education settings. There are two registration options for participants:

Full conference pass includes access to:

  • Keynote and full-group sessions
  • Two of the six strands (six sessions total)
  • Additional on-demand (asynchronous) content
  • Recordings of all sessions in all six strands (18 recordings total)

Partial conference pass includes access to:

  • Keynote and full-group sessions
  • One of the six strands (three sessions total; educator will take sessions in the morning or the afternoon)
  • Recordings for sessions in the strand they chose (three recordings total)


 Cost is $595 per attendee for full conference; $350 for partial conference attendance.
Registration closed January 31, 2021