2020 PEPSE Training - Overview

PEPSE is Curtiss-Wright’s predictive, energy balance software that has been used in the power industry for decades and is the industry’s standard.  Most of the original developers of PEPSE still work for Curtiss-Wright, and if you want to learn PEPSE from the experts, you must participate in a Curtiss-Wright PEPSE seminar.  No one else can provide the same level of expertise.

This seminar covers the PEPSE basics through the advanced features used for modeling and plant studies.  You will have the following Seminar takeaways:

1. Understanding of all the PEPSE basics, plus all of the advanced features while sharing experiences
2. Workshops including many hands-on exercises solidifying all the principles learned in the class
3. Proficiency in using all the Special Options for improving productivity in PEPSE’s use
4. Instructor support to real-world studies addressing your plant specific issues:
   - Plant cycle modifications
   - Taking equipment out of service 
   - Condenser studies (back pressure effects, circulating water temperature, tube plugging, etc.)
   - Equipment modification or replacement studies
   - Developing correction curves
   - Modeling dump and bypass valves
5. Performing sensitivity studies to develop performance curves and trend changes over operating ranges
6. Building and tuning PEPSE models (existing and new)

Who Should Attend?
Engineers and others involved in the performance evaluation or design of steam and gas power plants. If you are a PEPSE user, potential PEPSE user, former PEPSE user, or just want to learn all the aspects of this powerful energy balance software package, this is the seminar for you.

Why You Should Attend?
Get the theory and hands-on experience in using all of PEPSE’s features from our expert PEPSE staff including Greg Alder, Don Fleming, P.E., and Justin Strupp, P.E.

YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN COMPUTER WITH YOU – We will NOT have computers available for your use.

Seminare Fee
The fee for the Seminar is $2,895 per person.  Payment must be made prior to the Seminar

February 11-14, 2020, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day except the last day which ends at noon.

PEPSE Training Location:
1360 Whitewater Dr.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402


September 15-18, 2020
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
8:30AM to 5:00PM
Friday 8:30AM to 12:00PM

Contact Us

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar. 
Please contact me if you have any questions.

For Conference Info:
Rose Kieffer
Phone: (727) 669-3055

For hotel accommodations:
1160 Whitewater Drive
Idaho Falls, ID  83402