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CanSAGE EndoSurg Mentorship

(Available in English only)

Deadline to register and confirm your participation is June 30, 2024


CanSAGE is excited to announce its inaugural EndoSurg Mentorship program to be held in conjunction with the  CanSAGE 2024 Annual Conference from September 26-28, 2024 in gorgeous Victoria, BC! 

We are seeking 12 motivated and passionate Canadian Gynecologic surgeons who are interested in developing and enhancing their clinical and surgical skills to offer the best contemporary endometriosis care. 

These individuals are ideally early in their career (e.g. less than 10 years from Royal College).

This course combines not simply a one day offering of lectures and hands-on experience but a commitment to learning over an entire year with ongoing surgical support and coaching through a MIGS mentor.

The course is designed to address the pre-operative management of endometriosis with medical management and the excision of superficial endometriosis. It targets individuals who want to learn excision of superficial endometriosis for the very first time, or refining a skillset previously acquired. 



Selected candidates will meet on September 25, 2024 at the conference centre in Victoria, BC. They will attend a morning of high yield and focused lectures from our 5 teaching faculty, with learning objectives designed to be applicable to the Gynecologist already in practice. Our faculty are recognized nationally and internationally as experts in endometriosis:

  • Dr. Catherine Allaire, Vancouver
  • Dr. Liane Belland, Calgary
  • Dr. Darrien Rattray, Regina
  • Dr. Olga Bougie, Kingston
  • Dr. Fady Mansour, Montreal

The lectures would describe an entire patient care cycle:

  • Triaging the referral
  • Detailed and focused history aspects, examination techniques and recommended imaging to help diagnose endometriosis
  • Choosing from the available medical options, with real-world experience in treating endometriosis-associated pain
  • Findings that suggest when to refer to a MIS fellowship -trained colleague
  • Pre-operative planning and when NOT to operate
  • Detailed steps of surgery including: patient positioning, uterine manipulation, peritoneal entry options based on clinical scenario, port placement, choice of laparoscope and plevic survey/photo documentation as a starter followed by in-depth discussion, approaches to enter the retroperitoneal space, ureterolysis, isolating the area of disease and dealing with complications such as bleeding in the retroperitoneal space
  • Post-operative management and future follow-up
  • Opportunity to bring patient cases for discussion

The afternoon will be include a lab component with hands-on practice of superficial endometriosis excision on tissue models and feedback from the same teaching faculty. We will provide the laparoscopic box trainers, instruments and simulation models.

A dinner will be held on the same day of the course for ongoing networking and socializing. 



Each mentee will be paired with a MIS Fellowship-trained surgical coach. Over the months following the EndoSurg the mentee is expected to apply some of the new knowledge they have gained in the office and plan for some endometriosis cases in the operating room. Using their respective laparoscopic tower's video capture recording device, the mentee will record about 20 minutes of their surgical cases for excision of superficial endometriosis which will be reviewed by the mentee and surgical coach independently followed by a combined debrief session for feedback. The surgical coach and mentee will arrange for at least two video debriefing sessions over the next 6 months and review together simultaneously over Zoom. 

Pairing of the surgical coaches and mentees will take place during a dedicated session during the CanSAGE Annual Conference. 



There is no cost associated for the course, dinner or with this mentorship program.

The mentee is required to be registered for the CanSAGE 2024 Annual Conference in Victoria and will be responsible for registration, travel and hotel costs.



Details to come


Mentee selection

The mentees will be required to register for the 2024 CanSAGE Annual Conference, and during the registration process, will self-identify as interested in participating in the 2024 EndoSurg Mentorship program.

The candidates / mentees will be selected within the first TWO weeks after conference registration opens. In the event that there are more than 12 applicants, the mentees will be selected at random. In the event that there is insufficient interest in the mentorship program, it will be canceled.


Mentee requirements

  • Registration for 2024 CanSAGE Annual Conference by the deadline
  • Ability to attend the entire lecture and lab day on Sept 25, 2024
  • Commitment to completing the mentorship program. This requires a minum of meeting the surgical coach virtually twice over the following 6 months to review surgical footage
  • Hospital privileges for excision of superficial endometriosis
  • Ability to record surgical footage with patient consent in the OR for review in the future. This is usually performed with a recording device directly connected to the laparoscopic tower, exported to a USB drive. Taking a video recording with a handheld phone would not be acceptable as the footage is insufficient for video review.
  • Within 10 years of graduating from your residency program
  • Not MIS fellowship trained