Exhibit Booth Reservations

NYACS 2020 Trade Show

Thursday, May 14, 2020
NYS Fairgrounds Expo Center
581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209



Choose your first booth by clicking on the floor plan below. Additional booths and sponsorships can be selected later in the reservation process.

Companies that are not currently members of NYACS may choose to purchase a 1-year membership when reserving a booth. The member booth price will apply and $840 Associate Member dues will be added to the total due.

Booth Rental includes :

  • 6-foot table, topped and skirted
  • Exhibitor identification sign, 7" X 40"
  • Two chairs
  • Wastebasket
  • Two tickets to the 5/13/20 Welcome Party for each exhibiting company (must pre-register to use)

                  ***Exhibit Hall will not be Carpeted***

Not Included: 

  • Electrical power 
  • Wired Internet
  • Carpet

Booth Types

Perimeter Booths

Lining the perimeter of the trade show floor

10 x 10 Booth

Member Price: $900
Non-Member Price: $1,550

Aisle Booths

Positioned back to back with booths on either side in straight rows.

10 x 10 Booth

Member Price: $900
Non-Member Price: $1,550

Corner Booths

Exhibit Space with both aisle and end-cap exposure.

10 x 10 Booth

Member Price: $1,040
Non-Member Price: $1,690

Floor Plan

Reserved Booth Space(s) = RED
Available Booth Space(s) = GREY
Using your mouse, hover over booth to view availability. 

Please be prepared to complete your booth reservation with a form of payment. Choose Check or Credit Card from the list on the payment page, follow the instructions, click the Make Payment button to complete. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards are accepted. Checks are considered a promised payment and must be mailed to and received by NYACS no later than April 1, 2020. 

The system will not hold your booth if you do not complete the registration through the payment page.