SCAH 2020 Programme  and Presentations

Smoking Cessation Conference

   A programme with three themes: 

Smoking Cessation within Acute Secondary Care: 

Reducing Smoking in Pregnancy: 

Smoking Cessation within Mental Health Services: 


   09.30  Welcome and Opening Remarks by Dr Pipe and Bob

with Heidi Croucher: Conference Chair, Smoking in Pregnancy Lead Midwife
Pan Dorset Smoking in Pregnancy Project Lead
(Public Health Dorset)
View introductionary slides

and recorded introduction from  Dr Andrew Pipe,      and  Dr Robert Reid    

at the Division of Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Co-Chairs for the Ottawa Conference 

Soon, all people admitted to hospital who smoke will be offered NHS-funded tobacco treatment services in a new drive that will see all smokers admitted to hospital being encouraged and supported to quit.  Are YOU ready????  View recorded introduction

   09.40  NHS Long Term Plan: Tobacco Dependence Services.    View presentation  

Paul Cilia La Corte, Senior Programme Manager - Prevention, Medical Directorate,   NHS England.    

   10.00  Smoke Free Pregnancy; system wide action to accelerate progress. 

Supporting women to have a smokefree pregnancy is the responsibility of all healthcare professionals. Providing consistent messages to women and families before, during and after pregnancy about the risks of smoking and helping them to access evidence based support to stop is vital. This presentation will reflect on current trends in prevalence, the contribution of different parts of the system and the tools available to support local action.

Clare Livingstone, Professional Policy Advisor at the Royal College of Midwives.  

   10.20 The Relationship Between Smoking and Mental Health;  breaking the cycle.   View presentation

Qasim Chowdary,  Tobacco Control Manager – Health Improvement: Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco & Justice Division
Public Health England.


   10.40   Break, Poster Viewing and Exhibition : Escape Suite


    11.10  Workshop: Hiding in Plain Sight.

Lisa will share with you her experiences and expertise around the impact of having those meaningful conversation with a smoker. She will give an insight into ‘Very Brief Advice, how to raise it and how to empower someone to engage in medication albeit in a temporary abstinence.

Lisa Fendall, Registered Nurse and Midwife, Freelance Consultant and National Trainer.

 11.10  Workshop:  Delivering Tobacco Dependence Treatment in Mental Health Settings.

Debbie Robson, Senior Research Fellow  National Addiction Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London.



11.10  Workshop:  The Evidence and the Practice - increasing smokefree pregnancies.       View presentation                            

Lead;  Hilary Wareing, Registered General Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor and lead Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre and Jane Coyne, Senior Midwife, Smoke Free Pregnancy Programme Manager, Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership.

   12.05  The CURE Project: Curing Tobacco Addiction in Secondary Care.      View presentation

The CURE project is a comprehensive secondary care treatment programme for tobacco addiction. This workshop will talk through how you go about planning the implementation of a new patient pathway for all inpatients, pillars of success, challenges, lessons learnt and explore the system, level approach that was needed. CURE has already been implemented successfully at Wythenshawe Hospital in Greater Manchester, with some fantastic initial outputs that will be shared. CURE is a priority 1 project within the GM Cancer Plan and is supported through transformation funding, but with the goal to sustain its delivery and form business as usual activity through the involvement of all CCG leads, Public Health and Senior Trust Leaders across the system.

 Lead; Freya Howle, CURE Programme Lead, Greater Manchester Cancer and Cheryl Pearse, Lead CURE Nurse, Wythenshawe Hospital, The CURE Team, Manchester.

  12.05  Ambivalence and the role of vaping for smokers with a mental health illness.   View presentation

Using the ambivalence tool,  to look at common themes around smoking within mental health– both good and bad, and how vaping could overcome anything that stood in the way of a smoker quitting.                                

  Chris Pitt, Health and Wellbeing Manager, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust.

  12.05  Exploring the use of Carbon Monoxide (CO) screening by Health Visitors to support smoking cessation in pregnancy and the post-partum period.   View presentation

This presentation and workshop will look at the benefits of supporting smoking cessation in pregnancy and preventing relapse through the use of Carbon Monoxide (CO) screening during and following pregnancy. It will briefly look at evidence around relapse prevention and give details from a pilot study with Health Visitors using CO screening in pregnancy and during the post- partum period. The workshop will share the pilot outline, results and limitations plus successes and challenges. The workshop will explore perceptions and messages around relapse prevention, CO screening, quitting for good and harm minimisation messages. There will be opportunity in groups to discuss what might be needed to implement CO screening as a tool to support smoking cessation and relapse prevention in pregnancy and the post-partum period. 

Fiona Johnson,  Health Programme Advisor, Public Health Dorset.

    13.00  Lunch, Poster Viewing and Exhibition : Escape Suite

    14.00  Rapid Fire Oral Presentations

S. McClelland, P. Gordon, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust 

S. E. Jones,  School of Health & Life Sciences, Teesside University, Tees

M. Perry, Public Health, Leicester City Council

H. W. Poole, University Hospital of Wales 

  14.30  Vaping Displaces Smoking: give it a chance.   View presentation

Louise Ross explores the reasons for wanting to get accurate information about vaping out to clinicians, patients and the general public. Three of the highest priority areas are mental health, pregnancy and acute care, and in each of these, vaping is already displacing smoking. We need to work together to accelerate the pace of change.

Louise Ross, Freelance Clinical Consultant, Vice Chair of the Nicotine Alliance.

   15.10   Developing an Evaluation Framework for Tobacco Dependence Treatment Started in Hospital.           

Debbie Robson, Senior Research Fellow  National Addiction Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London, and Freya Howle, CURE Programme Lead, Greater Manchester Cancer.

   15.40  Leveraging Technologies to Increase the Effectiveness of Hospital-Based Tobacco Treatment Program.

TelASK Quit Manager is the cloud-based software as a service that has supported the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation across Canada since 2006.  Hear about some of the lessons learned.  Learn how Quit Manager: acts as a registry of tobacco users; provides mobile tools to help stop smoking advisors  document consults; generates automated follow-ups with tobacco users for up to six months and connects those who need help to resources available in the community; generates reports for management to inform quality improvements and for funders to help measure the value of their support.  

Peter Fallis,  CEO and a co-founder of TelASK Technologies Inc. Canada.


followed by the presentation of Best oral Presentation and Best Poster 

   16.10         Expert Panel: What's Cooking in the SCAH Kitchen.             Chaired by: Hilary Wareing. 

Panelists include: Jane Coyne, Freya Howle, Debbie Robson and Louise Ross.    

   16.30   Key Note Conference Speech and Close: Hilary Wareing, Director of iPIP, a consortium of public health practitioners which hosts the Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre    View closing slides



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