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Smarter Drafter automates the creation of legal precedents, from online intake to e-signature. Empowering firms with an expanding library of fully automated precedents across key practice areas like Family, Estate, and Commercial law, Smarter Drafter extends its coverage to dozens of areas including Employment, Real Estate, plus Court Forms for Federal, New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

Smarter Drafter is built to scale. With the ability to 'Build Your Own' precedent automations, Smarter Drafter transforms how knowledge is shared and utilised within a firm, seamlessly transferring invaluable insights and experience from partners to the entire team.


Low Code Minds

Lowcodeminds is a global workflow and hyper automation solution provider. We build innovative legal business applications, intelligent case management and end to end process automation solutions at speed using industry leading AI powered low-code technologies that help law firms unify (people, process & data), integrate, and digitally transform their business.

By Automating and orchestrating your business processes we help free up your firms' best legal minds to focus on high value work.

We can automate your business processes and workflows in 12 weeks. With 150+ certified global consultants our services include free proof of concept, Strategic advisory and Consulting, Rapid Prototyping, and Solution Development and Support.


Harriss Wagner

Harriss Wagner Consultants & Advisers is at the forefront of facilitating change to the operations of law firms in Australia and across the globe. With change comes the need to modernise business systems and processes enabling improvements to efficiency, productivity, and profit margins. In December 2023, the firm was recognised with an Australasian Lawyer Service Providers Award for its achievements in modernising the Legal industry. With commitment to adding value, a global perspective, and a forward-thinking approach, Harriss Wagner is poised to continue offering clients a path to sustained success in an ever-evolving competitive market.



BigHand provides technology solutions for busy law firm professionals that provide data and insights to increase value and boost profits. We develop and invest in technologies that help you identify improvements in various areas such as lawyer and support staff resourcing, document production, financial performance, and matter pricing. Our goal is to enhance your customers' experience while empowering your team to be the best.



Connections. Experiences. Insights. Actions. This is modern intelligence. How you apply this intelligence is your competitive advantage. Intapp brings AI and intelligence straight to your professionals' fingertips, so your firm can find new opportunities, make smarter decisions, and guard against risk — faster than ever before. That's Intapp. That's Intelligence Applied.



iManage is a document and email management solution designed for law firms. It offers secure storage, version control, and collaboration tools for legal documents and communications. iManage enables efficient organisation, retrieval, and sharing of matter related materials among legal teams, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and client confidentiality. Its robust search capabilities facilitate rapid access to critical information, enhancing productivity and workflow management within the firm. With features like metadata tagging and permission controls, iManage streamlines document handling while prioritising data security, making it an essential tool for all modern Law Firms.



FileTrail streamlines information governance for enterprise legal departments, integrating seamlessly with your DMS for a comprehensive approach. Offering robust audit trails and secure document management, our solution enhances efficiency and compliance across large corporations. With FileTrail, navigate governance with unmatched precision and confidence.



NetDocuments offers a complete end-to-end platform for document and email organization and management, including award-winning automation and AI capabilities; robust security, collaboration and search technologies; and seamless integrations with other tools professionals use daily.



Cosine provides add on modules for the 3E platform focused on improving the user experience for lawyers and their teams across the work to cash cycle. Our modules are built directly within the 3E platform making them easy to deploy and manage. They remove the need for 'yet another bolt on' and provide a beautiful 3E user experience focused on improving end user efficiency. As a result, our tools improve the return on the investment your firm has already made in 3E whilst at the same time lowering operational costs and improving process efficiency across the board.



Corpay bridges the gap between secure foreign exchange and your firm's internal payment workflow seamlessly integrating with Elite. Using your current workflow we have the ability to remit, track, report and view payments in real-time.



Emburse makes expense management simple. We deliver efficiency and time savings, increase financial visibility, enhance spend control and compliance, and improve the business travel experience.