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Helm360, a leading legal technology provider, leverages decades of experience in the legal industry, specializing in the seamless implementation of top-tier legal products such as 3E, ProLaw, IntApp, Virtual Pricing Director, and more. Our comprehensive suite of implementation services encompasses Project Management, Business Consultancy, Technical Consultancy, Data Migration (powered by Digital Eye, Helm360's intelligent data discovery, integrity, and cleansing tool), Quality Assurance, and Test Automation. Beyond traditional offerings, we provide essential support services, including backfill, maternity cover, and specialized solutions such as our billing support service, offering firms efficient access to seasoned experts for processing billing backlogs. Employing a unique hybrid delivery model, Helm360 seamlessly integrates the expertise of local consultants with a nearshore and offshore backbone, delivering the most competitive solutions to the legal market. Furthermore, Helm360 has innovated with the development of Termi, an AI Chatbot. This cutting-edge product connects to best-of-breed systems, enabling lawyers to interact with these systems effortlessly through natural language processing (NLP). With a global team of over 700 employees, Helm360 stands as a formidable global force in the industry, fostering collaboration and innovation at a scale that propels the company to new heights of success.


Source Consulting

Source Consulting Group specializes in financial systems, process, and strategy consulting for legal and professional services firms. Our consultants have a deep understanding and extensive experience working with 3E and the full suite of Elite products. Included in the services we provide are system implementation management, application consulting and training, data reviews, upgrades, customizations, end-user support, and software optimization.



Harbor is the preeminent provider of expert services across strategy, legal technology, operations, and intelligence. Our globally integrated team of nearly 800 strategists, technologists, and specialists navigates alongside our clients – leading law firms, corporations, and their law departments – to provide essential resources and invaluable insights.



Trusted by more than 150,000 professionals, LawPay is the leader in legal payments and the exclusive Elite payment integration partner for 3E and ProLaw. With LawPay's proprietary payment technology, legal professionals can take advantage of integrated payments and allow their clients to easily and securely pay by credit card, debit card, and eCheck from anywhere. LawPay is a vetted and approved member benefit for all 50 state bars, more than 70 local and specialty bars, and the American Bar Association.

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Zero Cognitive Systems, Inc.

Hercules AI powered by ZERO Systems delivers enterprise-grade AI applications to fix the most complex workflows that are difficult to automate, resulting in enhanced productivity and profitability. All solutions integrate with existing systems and reside within the firm's security perimeter, offering superior AI output quality, enhanced data security, and cost-effective ownership. For Large Law Firms, Hercules AI offers an end-to-end revenue optimization platform leveraging generative AI. Hercules AI Policy Enforcement for pre-bill review utilizes LLMs to extract and enforce billing rules from OCG's and incorporates models trained on historical payment data to increase realization rates by 6%, cut the review time in half, and realize immediate ROI. Paired with Hercules AI Time Capture, timekeeping is entirely streamlined with AI-generated compliant narratives and 2x improved time submission velocity.



Datolite provides expertise in template development (3E Templates/Design Gallery), document and proforma automation (Datolite's Rocket Proforma and Elite Paperless Proforma), and business intelligence solutions via Microsoft's PowerBI and SSRS. With a reputation for exceptional service, quality, and innovation, Datolite develops solutions with the goal of making data smarter.



BigHand provides technology solutions for busy law firm professionals that provide data and insights to increase value and boost profits. We develop and invest in technologies that help you identify improvements in various areas such as lawyer and support staff resourcing, document production, financial performance, and matter pricing. Our goal is to enhance your customers' experience while empowering your team to be the best.



Connections. Experiences. Insights. Actions. This is modern intelligence. How you apply this intelligence is your competitive advantage. Intapp brings AI and intelligence straight to your professionals' fingertips, so your firm can find new opportunities, make smarter decisions, and guard against risk — faster than ever before. That's Intapp. That's Intelligence Applied.



Cosine provides add on modules for the 3E platform focused on improving the user experience for lawyers and their teams across the work to cash cycle. Our modules are built directly within the 3E platform making them easy to deploy and manage. They remove the need for 'yet another bolt on' and provide a beautiful 3E user experience focused on improving end user efficiency. As a result, our tools improve the return on the investment your firm has already made in 3E whilst at the same time lowering operational costs and improving process efficiency across the board.



Corpay bridges the gap between secure foreign exchange and your firm's internal payment workflow seamlessly integrating with Elite. Using your current workflow we have the ability to remit, track, report and view payments in real-time.

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Zylinc offers SaaS solutions for customer communications, notably voice conversations on mobile, landline, and softphones. Combined with a large variety of integrations with CRM and ERP systems professional service companies stay in full control of all their customer communication – regardless of where the communication happens

Our customers' primary use cases are

  • Passive time capture for increased billing through our Zylinc Time Capture – 100% automatic, GDPR compliant, and precise with client ID and matter
  • Personalized customer service – always with a first-call resolution


Convera is trusted by more than 30,000 customers across the globe, ranging from small business owners to enterprise treasurers to educational and financial institutions to law firms to NGOs. We leverage decades of industry experience and industry-leading payments technology to help customers move money – and capture value – with speed and simplicity.


Xpens.AI is the only AI-powered Expense Management and AP Platform that automates invoice processing, significantly improving accuracy and handling a higher volume of transactions compared to manual work. This frees up accounting resources, provides better data quality and much greater compliance with enhanced insights to your Spend Management.


Sophus Consulting

Sophus is Elite's leading ProLaw Certified Partner serving enterprises, complex public sector and large corporate law firms. The Sophus team has worked with ProLaw since 1999 and currently holds the following ProLaw certifications; ProLaw Technical Provider Certified Partner, ProLaw Application Certified Partner, ProLaw Implementation Certified Partner.



Litera has been at the forefront of legal technology innovation for over 25 years, crafting legal software to amplify impact and maximize efficiency. Developed by the best legal minds in the industry, Litera's comprehensive suite of integrated legal tools is both powerful and user-friendly and simplifies the way modern firms manage core legal workflows, secure collaboration, and organize firm knowledge and experience. Every day, Litera helps more than 2.3 million legal professionals focus on their craft. Litera: Less busy work, more of your life's work.    


ProCirrus Technologies

ProCirrus offers specialized IT services tailored for law firms, integrating secure server and cloud-based applications seamlessly with personalized US-based helpdesk support. With comprehensive compliance solutions and reliable infrastructure management, we enable secure and flexible work environments globally.



Sage exists to knock down barriers so everyone can thrive, starting with the millions of small and mid-sized businesses served by us, our partners, and accountants. Customers trust our finance, HR, and payroll software to make work and money flow. By digitizing business processes and relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, banks, and governments, our digital network connects SMBs, removing friction and delivering insights. Knocking down barriers also means we use our time, technology, and experience to tackle digital inequality, economic inequality, and the climate crisis.



minisoft is the global market leader in legal collections software. Unify your collections data, forecasting, communications, and workflows for a cash flow vision you can trust. The ARCS collections system is trusted by more than half of top 100 US firms and over one-third of top 100 UK firms.



Queue Powers Workflows. Our innovative Queues technology turbocharges Document Workflows through Scanning, Digital Mailroom, Printing and Cost Tracking and streamlines legal Billing and BI workflows by integrating directly with major financial management systems.



Emburse makes expense management simple. We deliver efficiency and time savings, increase financial visibility, enhance spend control and compliance, and improve the business travel experience.



Developed with and for law firms, Katchr specialises in law firm management information and business intelligence, helping over 100 firms continuously increase the value they gain from their data. With proven integrations to all leading case and practice management systems, Katchr dashboards surface all aspects of law firm performance including fee earner KPIs, marketing, case progress, risk and compliance, client-matter profitability and departmental P&L.


Select* Associates, Inc.

Select* Associates provides the next generation of collection management and cash forecasting software for law firms. star*targetCash is a browser-based cash and WIP forecasting tool utilized for a Firm's quarterly and annual cash collection drives. star*collect manages the AR and WIP collection process and provides an optional eBill Tracker to update the statuses of bills processed by the eBillingHub.


Nth Degree

Drawing from a combined century of experience in the legal sector, Nth Degree fuses your firm's unique challenges and needs with our technological prowess to refine and automate workflows, maximizing efficiency and profitability. We've assembled an unparalleled blend of seasoned legal professionals and tech innovators. Therefore, we understand the nuances of your business and are able to provide the support you need to make a seamless transition.