50 Years - Celebrating IWF in the city where it all began!
The Women’s Forum was born in New York City in 1974 as a network for women leaders at the top of their game to support and inspire each other — that turned out to be an idea powerful enough to travel the world.
For five decades our members have been at the forefront of change — it’s only fitting that our 50th Anniversary address major forces of global change and how women at the top are making change a force for good.
Our conference will feature women leading the way in technology, healthcare and media as well as explore our impact on society: how more women at the top change the world of work for those who follow and where the “women’s movement” is today. We end on self expression — how we reveal our values and selves through fashion and how we tell the stories of our lives.
We have a compelling roster of plenary speakers, provocative breakouts, an adventurous spectrum of behind-the-scenes and promise a Hall of Fame gala worthy of this important milestone.

Plan to arrive early Wednesday to take advantage of our extra Anniversary programming:
Advanced Leadership Workshops for Women Who Change the World.