Track Descriptions

Chapter Track

This track is intended for chapter leaders, staff, board members, and volunteers. Sessions in this track explore topics to assist bleeding disorder organizations to gain valuable information to improve the operations, programs & services, and growth of their local chapters.

Consumer Tracks 

There will be 2 overarching tracks in 2024:

  • Consumer En Español 

  • Consumer English

Then within those 2 tracks we will still have sessions for our various consumer audiences and focus areas:

  • General Interest: These sessions explore topics that are of interest to the entire bleeding disorder community, such as basics of bleeding disorders, insurance, advocacy, research, and future treatments. 
  • Inhibitor: Those living with or caring for someone with an inhibitor can face unique challenges. Join us in these sessions to learn the latest updates on treatment and care as well as strategies for managing school issues, stress, and more. 
  • Intersections: These sessions offer opportunities to explore the various dimensions of personal identity and culture that may impact life with a bleeding disorder. 
  • Men: These sessions cover challenges and joys for men living with bleeding disorders. The sessions offer different perspectives and experiences around some of the common issues, including aging, that men face in their lives.
  • Mental Health: Emotional and mental wellbeing is integrally tied to physical health and these sessions will explore the various dimensions that impact living with or supporting someone with a bleeding disorder, throughout the lifespan.
  • Parents/Caregivers: These sessions offer insight and support to parents and caregivers of adults, children, and teens with bleeding disorders, and will help you as you navigate the various ages and stages of your child’s development.
  • Spouses/Partners: Spouses and partners of people with bleeding disorders are important members of the community. These sessions address common issues faced by partners/spouses and explore ways to forge deeper connections. 
  • Teens/Young Adults: Teens and young adults have a special space in these sessions to learn, connect and have some fun!
  • Ultra-Rare Bleeding Disorders: People with unique factor deficiencies and platelet disorders have specific challenges that are addressed in this track. You’ll also have opportunities to connect with others in the rare bleeding disorders community. 
  • VWD: Get the information you need on managing your VWD, while connecting with other individuals and families living with von Willebrand disease. 
  • Women and People with the Potential to Menstruate: Women and those with the potential to menstruate who have bleeding disorders face specific issues that can often be overlooked by healthcare providers. These sessions provide a supportive space for discussions of concerns and getting advice from experts.

Healthcare Professionals Tracks

  • Medical: Designed to meet the educational needs of physicians, physician assistants, researchers, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners engaged in the care of patients with bleeding disorders. 

  • Social Work: Designed to meet the educational needs of licensed medical and clinical social workers engaged in the care of patients with bleeding disorders. 

  • Physical Therapy: Designed to meet the educational needs of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants engaged in the care of patients with bleeding disorders. 
  • Nursing: Designed to meet the educational needs of nurses and nurse practitioners engaged in the care of patients with bleeding disorders.