Photography, Recording, and Videotaping

Recording, videotaping, and photography (including screenshots) are not allowed without the expressed written consent of NBDF.

Exhibitors can photograph, screenshot, and videotape their Exhibit Booth only. No photos or videos of BDC participants are allowed without prior consent from the adult participant. Photographs and videos taken of children during conferences are prohibited and may not be used in any public form without written consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian. NBDF reserves the right to view signed consent forms at any time.

Photo Disclaimer (COMPANIES)

Companies recording videos at their booth/symposium must include a signage with the following disclaimer: This area is being used to photograph and record video and film footage in connection with promotional and publicity campaign of (Company Name). If you do not wish to be photographed or to be recorded, please leave this location during the videotaping period.

Photos and Videos Code of Conduct

While we encourage Attendees to document and celebrate their experience at NBDF’s Events, NBDF requires that all Attendees comply with the Code of Conduct to respect the space, privacy, and wishes of other Attendees and the recording policy described in the Event Terms and Conditions. Accordingly, NBDF does not permit any audio recording, video recording, photography, screen capture, screen recording, livestreaming, or any other type of recording of any event content including the name, likeness, or image of any attendees and any chat dialogues taking place during event. (All underlined terms above are defined below). Attendees may not capture or use the materials presented in any meeting/session room or in session notes on display without written permission.


  • Attendees/Exhibitors: Any individual person present at NBDF’s event, regardless of the individual’s reason for being present (e.g., registered attendee, speaker, exhibitor, sponsor, staff, vendor, etc.). Regardless of its use in this policy, “Attendees” is intended to be interpreted to include both a group as well as an individual without prejudice.
  • Audio Recording: The capture and storage of an individual’s voice or sounds using capable technology including, but not limited to, video cameras, cellular phones, tape recorders, wearable technology, etc.
  • Chat Dialogue: Many online platforms utilized by NBDF and by sponsors will involve video conferencing allowing individuals to be on camera during a session or meeting and involve chat functionality where an attendee to the meeting or session may also type questions, responses, or general dialogue.
  • Event: Any event (whether in person or virtual), meeting, gathering, celebration, conference, webinar, training, experience, or any other gatherings, including, but not limited to, BDC 2024 (virtual or in person).
  • Photography: Recording an individual’s likeness (e.g., image, picture) using photography (e.g., cameras, cellular phones), video recording (e.g., video cameras, cellular phones), digital imaging (e.g., digital cameras, web cameras, screen capture/screen recording/screen print), wearable technology (e.g., Google Glass), or other technologies capable of capturing an image (e.g., Skype, Zoom, virtual group meeting forums, mobile app).
  • Video Recording: The capture and storage of an individual’s likeness using video technologies (e.g., video cameras, cellular telephones, web cameras, screen capture/screen recording/screen print, wearable technology).