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Sharpening a Vision for the Future

The growing use of Artificial Intelligence in both healthcare and retail portends a seismic shift in how companies are operating. With its vast capabilities, AI is opening up new dimensions and providing previously unimagined insights for customers, patients and employees.

Will it demand a rethink of products, services and processes?
Will leaders and managers come to depend on AI to make decisions about people, productivity and automation?
Is AI the great equalizer for independents and entrepreneurs?
Will patients trust advice from an algorithm? Will consumers accept recommendations from “the machine”?
What role will critical thinking and human intelligence play as AI spreads?

At the Vision Monday Leadership Summit, influential thought leaders, business experts and vision care professionals explored the critical decisions that leaders need to wrestle with to develop a clear-eyed view of the risks and rewards of AI implementation.

They focused on the practical dimensions of how this powerful new technology can supercharge their businesses, even as they navigate its complexities.

The dynamic 2024 VM Leadership Summit program focuses on providing attendees with:

  • A framework for strategizing AI solutions.
  • The opportunity to learn which big ideas and trends are heading their way.
  • The industry’s most unique networking experience.
  • A competitive edge, by honing their understanding of AI’s potential.