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Business meetings are committee activities or open forums not affiliated with the core conference program. Note: These meetings are usually for invited participants only. Meetings marked with an asterisk (*) are open to all registered delegates. Voting privileges are reserved for section members at all section meetings.


Monday, June 3

1400-1600 CPS Board Orientation                                                                                                  
1600-1800 CPS Executive Committee


Tuesday, June 4

0800-1700 CPS Board of Directors                                                                                                  
0830-1030 NRP Resuscitation Science Subcommittee Meeting
1030-1200 ACoRN Education Subcommittee Meeting
1200-1500 ACoRN Steering Committee Meeting
1500-1600 ACoRN Executive Committee Meeting
1630-1830 NRP Education Subcommittee Meeting


Wednesday, June 5

0800-1000 CPS Board of Directors                                                                                                  
0830-1430 NRP Steering Committee
1030-1300 CPS Leadership Forum
1330-1730 Acute Care Committee 
1330-1730 Adolescent Health Committee
1330-1730 Bioethics Committee
1330-1730 Community Paediatrics Committee
1330-1730 Drug Therapy Committee
1330-1730 Fetus and Newborn Committee
1330-1730 First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health Committee
1330-1730 Injury Prevention Committee
1330-1730 Mental Health and Development Disabilities Committee
1330-1730 Nutrition and Gastroenterology Committee
1430-1530 NRP Executive Committee
1530-1700 Neonatal Life Support Club*
1600-1900 Paediatrics & Child Health Editorial Board
1715-1830 CPS Sponsor Recognition Event


Thursday, June 6

0730-0830 Developmental Paediatric Section - Clinical Issues Breakfast
0730-0830 Sleep Special Interest Group
1200-1300 Public Education Advisory Committee Meeting
1200-1400 Caring for Kids New to Canada Task Force
1300-1400 ACCT Meeting
1400-1500 Healthy Generations Board Meeting
1530-1600 Hospital Paediatrics Section Business Meeting                                             
1830-1930 Global Child & Youth Health Section Business Meeting*                                              
1830-1930 Paediatric Emergency Medicine Section Business Meeting*


Friday, June 7

0700-0800 Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Section Business Meeting*                                              
0700-800 Community Paediatrics Section Business Meeting*
0800-0900 Meet the Professor*
0900-1030 CPS Annual General Meeting*
1200-1300 Past Presidents Lunch
1300-1400 Leadership Development Committee
1730-1830 Rural Paediatrics Special Interest Group Meeting
1800-1900 Adolescent Health Section Business Meeting*
1800-1900 Resident Section Business Meeting*


Saturday, June 8

0700-0800 Complex Care Section Business Meeting*                                                                       
0700-0800 Mental Health Section Business meeting*
1745-1900 Annual Conference Committee