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The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) is committed to providing an equitable experience for all conference and meeting participants.  For questions or suggestions on improving access, removing barriers to participation, safety, or the learning environment, contact meetings@cps.ca.


Racism has affected generations of people in Canada (and around the globe), including patients, families/caregivers, healthcare learners and professionals. Systemic racism and colonialism still influence how healthcare learners and professionals are trained, how healthcare and educational institutions are run, and how care is delivered. The CPS is shifting the status quo—in our education, advocacy, care practices and settings—to better serve children and youth, families/caregivers, and our membership. We are working to face and eliminate the racism that may exist within the CPS as well as within our communities, our educational environments, our workplaces, and ourselves. For details, consult the CPS Antiracism Policy.
Language is continually evolving, so it is possible that terminology used in these antiracism resources may become obsolete or be offensive. We welcome feedback for continual improvement at antiracism@cps.ca.


We are also committed to providing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive education experience for all.  For questions or suggestions on improving accessibility, safety, or the learning environment, contact meetings@cps.ca.


Live-captioning will be provided for all general sessions and select session presentations. In addition, select sessions will be recorded and made available with closed captioning post-conference.