MITRE at APHA Conference 2023

November 12-15, 2023

Atlanta, GA

MITRE works in the public interest to address complex structural, technical, behavioral, and social challenges that affect health and healthcare delivery.

Join us at APHA 2023 to learn how MITRE brings a data-driven approach across multiple fields, including epidemiology, infectious and chronic diseases, behavioral and environmental health, public health policy, health informatics and standards, artificial intelligence and emergency preparedness and response to solve complex population and public health problems.

Making an Impact in Public Health

Dr. Oscar Alleyne, managing director of MITRE’s Public Health Division, discusses what is public health and how the Health FFRDC, operated by MITRE, amplifies the federal government’s capacity to protect the health and wellbeing of the nation.

The Health FFRDC

For 10 years, the Health FFRDC, with MITRE as the operator, has served the public good. Through multi-disciplinary teams, this federally funded research and development center serves all federal agencies with health and human services missions: the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Health Resources and Services Administration, Administration for Children and Families, and more.



MITRE Resources

For 10 years, the Health FFRDC, with MITRE as the operator, has served the public good. Through multi-disciplinary teams, and working across all federal agencies, we are accelerating cross-cutting capabilities for America's health.
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Childhood obesity is a significant problem in America. While we have plenty of data to help find answers, it's hard to bring that data together. The Childhood Obesity Data Initiative (CODI) aims to change that.
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Collaborating across government and industry, leading scientists are working to translate cervical cancer management guidelines into computable formats. The goal? Advance the President's Cancer Moonshot 2.0 to nearly eliminate cervical cancer.
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Black mother and her newborn in the hospital

MITRE researchers are addressing the critical challenge of reducing the U.S. rate of maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity through a microsimulation tool that can help government leaders make more informed decisions.
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a group of smiling STEM students

We are facing a mental health crisis for young people, yet the nation lacks a systematic way to guide mental health funding. Through review of strategies, investments, and key questions, we identified 14 elements to re-envision the mental health system.
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The Mental Wellness Index (MWI) aggregates 28 factors that influence community-level mental wellness into a single numerical ranking at the ZIP Code level for the entire nation. The MWI provides insights that can promote data-informed decisions and more equitable allocation of resources in partnership with communities.
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