Insulating Gas Management Seminar

February 7-8, 2024 | Clearwater Beach, FL




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What Gets Measured Gets Managed: Effective Gas Handling Using Measuring Devices by Danielle White and Matthew Wiley

When working with insulating gases, measuring devices are key for verifying quality and mitigating harmful emissions which can impact both handlers and the environment. Particularly, proper handling and certification of these measuring devices will alleviate uncertainty while working in the field. This session will cover leak detection in the field versus indoor applications and best practices for decontaminating analysis equipment after measuring poor quality gas.  


Distinctions in Handling Different Insulating Gases for GIE by Chris Barrett and Greg Miller

With multiple types of insulating gases being used in the world today, it's imperative to be able to understand the differences between each. With each unique product, comes a different handling approach. This session will cover the basics of each gas, its applicable mixtures, and the proper methods for handling in a variety of common service scenarios.


Direct-Track and SF6 GHG Reporting by Billy Lao and Anthony Donelson

This session will cover how to properly manage and monitor SF6 usage in GIE, cylinders and in handling equipment through DILO Direct-Track in real time while supporting Federal and/or State reporting by completing automated reporting forms.


Don’t be a Gashole: Virgin vs Reconditioned Gas by Ryan Donnelly and Robert Laverne 

The manufacture of SF6 gas is a known cause of emissions; however, the unique properties of SF6 gas allow it to be reconditioned for re-use in the electrical industry. This presentation will discuss the differences between virgin and reconditioned sulfur hexafluoride gas along with the economic and environmental benefits of choosing to re-use SF6. 


Prevent Emissions Through Awareness

Join us on beautiful Clearwater Beach for two full days of learning and networking. 



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