PTSD and Beyond: Understanding Trauma-Based Disorders and Trauma-Informed Approaches 

PTSD and Beyond: Understanding Trauma-Based Disorders and Trauma-Informed Approaches

Facilitator: Kevin Moore FRSA FIEP, Big Dog Little Dog (BDLD)

10 October, 2023   Add to calendar

10:00 am - 11:00 am


It’s estimated that 31% of young people had a traumatic experience during childhood, and that one in four meet the criteria for PTSD. 

But what is PTSD, how does it relate to the two other main trauma-based stress disorders and how might we detect it in our learners?

This webinar will explore the subject of trauma and its associated disorders, as well as what treatment exists.

Key for organisations is the subject of trauma-informed approaches – how a learning provider can take a learner’s trauma into account when designing their learning, and what adjustments to the learning environment can prove beneficial.

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This webinar will help delegates to understand:

  • The nature of trauma – what it is and isn’t;
  • The role of the senses in activating traumatic memories;
  • What treatment exists via the NHS;
  • What a trauma-informed approach is and how it might be adopted in a learning environment.


Target Audience


This webinar is aimed at those with responsibility for programme design and for learner well-being and retention.


Level: Intro