Succeeding at Your First Ofsted New Provider Monitoring Visit 

Succeeding at Your First Ofsted New Provider Monitoring Visit

Facilitator: Richard Moore, Richard Moore Solutions

3 October, 2023   Add to calendar

10:00 am - 11:30 am


This interactive webinar will tell you all you need to know to prepare and succeed at your first New Provider Monitoring Visit as a new provider on the Apprenticeship provider and assessment register (APAR). We will do this in the context of the Education Inspection Framework (EIF), introduced by Ofsted in September 2019. 

The webinar will set out the framework for the visits and some key considerations to bear in mind. We will look at the planning process leading up to a NPMV before examining the key aspects of your provision that inspectors will want to get under the skin of in making their judgements about your progress against each of the mandatory themes. 

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This interactive webinar will give you a good understanding of:

  • The framework used by Ofsted to carry out a New Provider Monitoring Visit (NPMV) for new providers;
  • The key considerations to bear in mind when you receive the telephone call from Ofsted for a NPMV;
  • How a NPMV works, and the methodology used by Ofsted to carry out the visits;
  • The planning process leading up to a NPMV;
  • What aspects of leadership and management will be most closely evaluated by inspectors;
  • The crucial role played by ‘Quality of Education’ during your visit;
  • The evidence you will need to be able to provide about your safeguarding arrangements to prove you keep your learners safe;
  • Tips and hints on how best to present your organisation to Ofsted inspectors.


Target Audience


This interactive webinar is designed specifically for providers new to Ofsted inspections and who have never been inspected previously – whether you are a training provider, employer provider, local authority/council or any other type of organisation involved in delivering vocational qualifications, particularly apprenticeships.