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About Siemens EDA PCB Forum 2023

Design of electronic systems has steadily grown more complex. In addition, supply chain challenges have slowed new product introductions across all industries.   Successfully navigating these challenges requires engineers and the rest of the organization to have supply chain information at their fingertips to streamline collaboration and optimize product design. 

The PCB Forum will demonstrate how Siemens is enabling electronic engineering teams to overcome today’s challenges of product, process, organization and supply chain complexity with the latest innovations in Xpedition, Hyperlynx and Valor technologies.

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PCB Forum 2023 - Germany/Switzerland

Germany / Switzerland
5 locations

Tilbrook, Milton Keynes
October 10, 2023

Rome - October 18, 2023
Milan - October 25, 2023

Gothenburg, November 07, 2023

The Netherlands
Eindhoven, November 14, 2023

Paris / France

More information coming soon