59th ICCA Congress

Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei

1 - 4 November 2020 

Registration will open in July 2020!

Kaohsiung - The city of transformation

Located in southwestern Chinese Taipei, Kaohsiung is a sunshine city with a diverse culture and geology, that is home to the largest port and busiest harbour on the island. The second-largest city in Chinese Taipei, Kaohsiung used to be known for its steel and petrochemical industries, but now it is transforming itself into a centre of green technology, with a focus on cultural and business tourism. In 2020, ICCA Congress delegates will be among the first ones to witness the completion of the Asia’s New Bay Area, the former city port which is taking shape as Kaohsiung’s new cultural and entertainment centre, a symbol of the city’s emerging fresh identity.  
This young and transformed meeting destination is not just offering a platform for the 59th ICCA family reunion, but a dynamic spirit and exciting foundation for meaningful exchange and social inclusion.