LNG Liquefaction Plants with Gas Turbine Systems

Presented by Matt Taher

Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 1pm ET


The natural gas industry will have good potential in the future transition to cleaner and reliable energy systems. The LNG sector can play a major role, and gas turbine energy systems are often an important part of various types of liquefaction processes for large facilities.

This webinar will present basic principles of LNG processes and gas turbine applications, including the inlet conditioning of natural gas feeds from the incoming gas pipelines, various refrigeration and liquefaction processes, and matching of compressors with gas turbine driver arrangements and performance. For a new LNG liquefaction plant both the eDrive and GT drive options for refrigeration compressors are discussed, with different solutions of carbon emission abatements and capture are presented.

GTEN is focused on implementation of a technical training program for government and industry, focused on a transition to cleaner energy systems, hydrogen-based systems, renewables, and more efficient new pipeline, district energy and cogeneration systems.   

For over 45 years the Gas Turbines for Energy Network (GTEN, former IAGT) Committee has been providing a forum for communication of new energy technology developments related to the industrial application of gas turbines for pipeline compressors, combined cycle power, and various cogeneration and district energy systems.  The GTEN Committee provides continued support for these types of cleaner distributed energy systems across Canada, with expanding linkages to renewables, hydrogen and bio-energy.  

This transition will require a significant effort among all stakeholders, requiring more education and skillset training of the workforce in design, construction, operation and maintenance of a variety of energy systems, which include rotating equipment and thermal energy in industrial processes.  

GTEN can contribute with a series of online / onsite training sessions for students, new government and industry employees, and Indigenous organizations to address knowledge gaps around climate change and innovative energy solutions.  The courses would provide a basic understanding of balanced environmental and technical design issues for renewable and natural gas energy systems used in power production, pipeline compression, combined cycle, cogeneration and district heating service.  Webinars are carried out by experienced GTEN members or partners, along with annual onsite training events in eastern or western regions of Canada.  


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GTEN webinars are technical education sessions that would qualify under most Professional Engineering certification guidelines related to continuing education.  The GTEN committee will be happy to provide the necessary certificates following successful completion of a webinar.