Travel Tips for Delegates


Getting to Delhi:
Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport is the unique airport that serves the City of New Delhi, with over 80 airlines providing direct or connected flights. There are two main terminals in Delhi Airport: T1 (C and D), temporary T2, that operates domestic flights from Low Cost carriers, and T3, the main terminal, operating Domestic Flights and all International Flights. Both terminals are connected by a shuttle bus.

Always check with your local national authorities or check with your doctor regarding the recommended vaccinations to protect you when travelling to India. These vary according to your locale, age, nationality and general health and be sure to allow sufficient time, in case you need a course of treatment before departure. 

Delhi’s climate can be best described as very hot during the month of April.

In the summer months which fall between March to mid-June, the temperature generally fluctuates between 33 °C to 38 °C with monsoon season running Jun–Sep. Winter; particularly Dec–Feb is quite cool. 

Appropriate clothing:
Light cotton or linen apparel would be most suitable in summer. For formal occasions a light jacket would be advisable

Delhi is home to people who speak many different languages, the common ones being Hindi and Punjabi. As a multicultural city, most of the locals are friendly and easy to approach, and comfortable with English as well.

Banks and Currency:
The Indian Rupee is the currency of India. The currency rankings show that the most popular India Rupee exchange rate is the INR to USD rate. The currency code for Rupees is INR and the currency symbol is The average exchange rate for the Indian Rupee in the year 2019 as against the US Dollar was 1$  =  Rs.71.50.

Traveling within the City:

Public transport mediums of the local trains and busses are extremely crowded and should be totally avoided by tourists. It is best to take a taxi for which there are many options available.

UBER Cabs : Uber is an international cab company found in Delhi like most countries of the world. To travel by UBER you need to have the application downloaded on your cell phone. It connects you with a reliable ride in minutes. Your driver either knows where to go or will be guided by his GPS. You also have the facility of paying by either cash or card.

Ola Cabs : Ola Cabs is an Indian cab application, just like UBER and can also be used to travel within the city easily.

Delhi has food and restaurants from every part of the world ranging from street food hawkers to fine dine international chain of restaurants.

The best way to select where you want to dine in the city is use the application Zomato. You can download it on your cell phone and it will give you all the restaurants available in the area you want to eat in along with the cuisines and average prices.


Country Code:  + 91

Delhi City Code:  11

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Watch Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) 2020 Annual meeting sessions online!
The GDN 2020 Annual Meeting in Delhi, India was cancelled due to the impact of the worldwide COVID-19 issue. Country and institution-specific travel restrictions had already started to make travel for many of our registrants and some speakers impossible or inadvisable. The health and safety of our partners is our primary concern. Therefore, as a precaution, and in an effort to help safeguard the well being of all participating in the event, making this decision was unavoidable.   

To facilitate the sharing of ground-breaking ideas related to equitable, digital learner mobility and recognition, the GDN will bring the conference content to the World as online, interactive webinars. Please join us as we continue to innovate into the future!  Check back here for details about the series of upcoming interactive talks and panel discussions

Amee Shroff,
President & Chair, Annual Meeting Organizing Committee 2020