BAM Marketing Congress December 2024 -  Booking Terms and Conditions

You are advised to read these terms and conditions in full prior to registering to attend the BAM Marketing Congress (the “Event”).

The Event may be held physically or physically/virtually. These terms and conditions apply to registrations at all types of Event, although some sections may only apply to certain types of Event.

Submission of an on-line registration is regarded as a firm booking (subject to availability) and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Cancellation charges will apply for all bookings.


These terms and conditions and your online registration together constitute the contract between Aldenarda NV – Forum Europe | OFCORES (the “Organizer”) and you relating to your attendance at the Event, are the entire agreement between the Organizer and you and supersede all prior agreements, negotiations and discussions between the Organizer and you relating to your attendance at the Event.  

The Organizer reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be updated on this website immediately. Please check the latest information herein to inform yourself of any changes.


For any registration between February 19th & March 21st 2024 (called Loyals only), payment must be received before the start of the Early Bird campaign (April 16th). In case that this condition is not respected, th organizer reserves the right to charge the Early Bird fee. 

For any registration between April 16th & May 31st 2024 (called Early Bird), payment must be received before the start of the Summer sale campaign (June 1st 2024). In case that this condition is not respected, th organizer reserves the right to charge the Summer sale fee. 

For any registration between June1st & August 21st (called Summer Sale), payment must be received before the start of the next sales campaign (August 22nd 2024). In case that this condition is not respected, th organizer reserves the right to charge the actual sales fee.

For any registration between August 22nd and October 27th 2024, payment must be received before the start of the next sales campaign (November 29th 2024). In case that this condition is not respected, th organizer reserves the right to charge the actual sales fee.

Registrations after 28th October can only be paid by credit card. 

The invoice can be downloaded directly after registering, or you can download the invoice in your confirmation e-mail. No invoice will be send afterwards by email or regular mail. Each participants is responsible for submitting the invoice to their finance department. 

As part of quality control all registration categories will be checked. If an incorrect registration category has accidentally been selected then we reserve the right to charge the correct fee and send you another invoice. To apply for the membership congress fee, you must have a valid BAM membership.

Payment Conditions
Please note that payment of all fees must be made in full and in cleared funds within 14 days of the submission of your registration. If you submit your registration less than 14 days prior to the first day of an Event, then payment of all fees must be made in full and in cleared funds prior to attending the Event.  

Participants are responsible themselves for entering the correct billing details and for sending the invoice to their accounting department. In case a PO number needs to be added to the invoice afterwards, please email to

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel any registration without warning at any time prior to the start of the Event if all fees due have not been paid by the relevant time.  In the event that the Organizer does not exercise its rights of cancellation prior to the Event, delegates whose fees have not been paid by the start of the Event shall be required to pay on-site.

In the event of cancellation by the Organizer for non-payment, the cancellation charges set out in the Cancellation Policy below shall apply.

In the event of failure to pay when due, the unpaid amount will automatically and without formal notice interest at the rate of 1% per month and will also be increased by a fixed indemnity of 15% with a minimum of 125 EUR. 

Substitutions may be made at any time. If you wish to substitute a delegate, please contact


All cancellation requests must be given in writing by email to Your cancellation will not be effective until it is acknowledged in writing or by email by the Organizer’s team, which shall be given without undue delay.

  • Cancellations received by August 22nd 2024 are eligible to receive a full refund, only an administrative charge of EUR 45 will be taken into account.
  • Cancellations received by October 28th 2024 are eligible to receive a 50% refund of the participant fee.
  • Cancellations received after October 28th 2024 will not be eligible for a refund. 

Event cancellation

The Organizer reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion to:

  • Cancel or postpone any Event; and/or
  • Cancel a delegate’s registration at an Event if the Organizer has reasonable grounds for believing that either: (a) the delegate’s attendance at the Event might be damaging or otherwise detrimental to the reputation of the Organizer; and/or (b) the delegate is likely to fail to comply with the Organizer’s code of conduct at the Event or otherwise breach these terms and conditions.

In the event of such a cancellation or, if relevant, you are unable to attend any re-arranged date for the Event, the Organizer will refund any registration fees paid, direct to the delegate upon proof of purchase, and this refund (if any) shall be the full extent of the organizer’s liability  arising out of such cancellation or postponement.  If you have not made any payments in relation to the Event, then the Organizer shall have no liability to you arising out of such cancellation or postponement.

In the event of cancellation or postponement, the Organizer will use reasonable endeavors to alert you per email and details of any cancellation or postponement will be posted on the appropriate Event website. 
Event cancellation as stipulated in this section shall not apply in case of force majeure. 

Force majeure

The Organizer shall not be liable for any postponement of the event, delay or default in performing its obligations under the contract if such delay or default is caused by reasons beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to war, insurrection, national emergency, epidemic, pandemic, covid, interruption of failure of any utility or telecommunications service or network, terrorism, government restrictions, acts of god, industrial action, unforeseen closure of any Event venue and/or the organisers' usual place of work, unavailability of key personnel and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Organizer.

Programme Changes/Information
It may be necessary, for reasons beyond the control of the organizer, to change the programme content, speakers and/or timings. The conference organizers and sponsors are not liable for any changes. 

Equipment – virtual Events and virtual elements of hybrid Events

If relevant, you shall be responsible for supplying all computer and telecommunications equipment necessary for you to partake in the Event.

Access and equipment – physical Events and physical elements of hybrid Events

Your right to access the Event venue shall be strictly subject to all policies, rules and regulations imposed by the Organizer and/or the relevant Event venue and delegates must also ensure that they comply with the reasonable directions of the relevant Event venue.

You must insure and keep insured any property or equipment that you bring to the Event venue, and any such property and equipment is brought to, and left, at the Event venue at your own risk. The Organizer shall not in any circumstances assume any liability for such property or equipment.

The Organizer and the Event venue reserve the right, in their sole discretion and without liability, to remove or refuse entry to any delegate who: (i) fails to comply with the Organizer’s code of conduct (available the latest 3 months before the event) or any of the policies, rules and regulations governing participation in the Event; or (ii) commit any breach of these terms and conditions.

The Organizer warrants that it shall use reasonable endeavors to perform its obligations to you with reasonable skill and care.  Except as expressly set out in these terms and conditions, all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded.

You warrant that you shall not, by any act or omission, cause the Organizer to be in breach of its agreements with any of its third party providers in relation to the Event.

Speakers alone are responsible for the contents of their respective papers. It is the policy of the organizers to give the fullest freedom to contributors/speakers to express their opinions. The opinions expressed by staff do not necessarily represent the views of the organizers, sponsors or exhibitors.


Photography will be taken during the Marketing Congress as well as video footage and can be used by the Belgian Association of Marketing and Forum Europe | OFCORES (Aldenarda NV) for communication and promotional purposes.

Non discrimination policy

The Organizer will comply with all Belgian laws applicable in relation to discrimination on any grounds. Accordingly, the Organizer is committed to providing equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all. The Organizer will not intentionally discriminate on the basis of gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, culture or disability in dealing with the delegates.

Governing law

These terms and conditions are governed by Belgian Law and the Courts of Oudenaarde shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any disputes which may arise under them.

Should you require clarification on any aspect of the Event or these terms and conditions please contact the Organizer using the details below:

Aldenarda NV (Forum Europe |OFCORES) – Lenniksebaan 451, 1070 Brussels,