Privacy statement concerning the processing of personal data for the BAM Marketing Congress

The Belgian Association of Marketing vzw (BAM), Raketstraat 50, 1150 Brussel (


Aldenarda NV (OFCORES), Lenniksebaan 451, 1070 Brussels (

entered a contract for the management of the BAM Marketing Congress ("Event"). Collectively BAM and Forum Europe | OFCORES are referred to as the event organisers. 

This privacy policy sets out the details relating to the collection, use and retention of personal data in connection with this event. You may contact the Organisers through for questions regarding the processing of your personal data under this Privacy Policy.


By providing your personal data, you agree that this personal data will be processed by the Organisers or their agents in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Personal data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679), the ePrivacy Directive (Directive 2002/58/EC), and any national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, as amended or updated from time to time, in Belgium (“Date Protection Laws”).


Your personal data is processed:
  • for the organisation and management of the Event, including the management of participants, contact lists, invitations, registrations, necessary payment details, event information dissemination and the online event platform, 
  • to facilitate Event-related communications with you,
  • to inform you about promotions, future event editions or partner related benefits related to the BAM Marketing Congress
  • partners may contact you up to 4 months after the event
  • to inform you about promotions, events and activites of Forum Europe | OFCORES and it's sister company DiscoVR
  • to comply with statutory obligations. 
Personal data collected and processed:

The personal data is supplied by yourself.
The personal data categories collected include: 
  • Identification data necessary for the organisation and management of the Event, including to facilitate your registration to attend, such as your name, profession and contact details, including e-mails, phone numbers, mailing addresses and billing information (where necessary). 
  • The Organisers may arrange Event photographers and videographers and spread information, including Event photos and videos, by means of the Event and Organisers’ websites and social media accounts. 
  • In the context of certain Event sessions, the Organisers may facilitate live web-streaming and audio recording. Participants who use their camera or audio functions to participate in the web-streaming (for example, to ask a question or participate in a workshop) may be seen/heard by the other attendees and may be included in any event session recordings if available online following the event. You have the option to opt out of inclusion in the live web-stream by declining to participate with video/audio live. 
  • for Marketing objectives with the aim to promote the Event. 

Data Controller:
ALDENARDA NV is the Data Controller. The Data Controller determines the purposes for which and the means by which personal data is processed in the context of this Event.
Data Processor:
On behalf of the Data Controller and for the processing purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, the Data Processor is OFCORES - Route de Lennik 451 - 1070 Brussels. OFCORES is an event management company contracted by the Data Controller for the organisation of this Event. The Data Controller and Data Processor’s roles are further governed by the Event Contract and a Data Processing Agreement in accordance with the Data Protection Laws.
Sub-Processors and data storage: Several Sub-Processors are engaged for the organisation of this Event. These companies are contracted to facilitate the event services, and we maintain Data Processing Agreements with and/or ensure they have processes in place to guarantee compliance with the Data Protection Laws.
Your personal data uploaded through the registration process for the Event is processed and temporarily stored with the platform Aventri ( Aventri’s Privacy Policy is available here: OFCORES and Aventri have also agreed to EU-issued Standard Contractual Clauses to further safeguard all personal data processing.
We may also process information related to your status as a visitor or potential visitor of ourevents, like Personal Data obtained from information related to the activitis or services your register for during our events. We will collect and process data about the exhibitors, in which you showed an interest or the commercial information you have requested, your tiem of arrival, the duration and frequency of your visit, which exhibitors you have visited and which sessions you have attended. Some of this date may be collected via the use of 'smart badge technology' (or other similar technology) on the Event site. The organisor and the exhibitors will have a record of the booths you visited. Your registration data (i.e. full name, language, gender, industry, company name and contact details, professional email address, and job title within your company) will also be shared with exhibitors in which you expressed an interest.
The personal data you provide at registration will be used for Marketing purposes to promote the event to our customers and potential visitors, namely sending newsletter about the events, sending requests to participate in satisfaction surveys, displaying Event-related advertisements on Third Party sites and applications, including social and advertising networks, the organisation of games and competitions, acquisition of new clients targeted on the basis of similarity to existing ones via third party service providers, including social networks or advertisers. 
Recipients of personal data:
The possible recipients of the personal data are the Organisers, Sub-Processors, and in some instances, Event participants, without prejudice to a possible transfer to bodies in charge of monitoring, auditing or inspection tasks in accordance with Data Protection Laws.
Event speaker and exhibitor/sponsor presentations and pictures, as well as any web-streaming and/or audio/video recording from the Event may be made available on the Event’s website, Event platform, the Organisers’ websites and/or on social media. The Event platform may also display for a limited time to the other attendees and exhibitors (as applicable), the Event participants list and any personal data uploaded by participants to facilitate networking features, unless you opt out of networking as stated above.

Data retention:

Collected personal data is recorded and stored as long as follow-up actions are needed in the context of the Event.
Contact and exercise of rights: In accordance with Data Protection Laws, you have the right to:
  • access, rectify, and erase your personal data,
  • restrict or object to processing, and
  • have the Organisers supply or transfer your data in a portable format. 
Any consent you give may be withdrawn at any time, without affecting pre-withdrawal processing. Should you require further information concerning the processing of your personal data or to exercise your rights, please contact 
You have at any time the right to make a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data to the competent supervising authority.