Association Expert Seminar 2020

9 - 11 May 2020
Frankfurt, Germany

Registration opens in January 2020


About the AES

Where association executives and ICCA members come together to exchange knowledge, network and get the latest news.

The AES covers all aspects of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings and at the same time is a unique opportunity for suppliers to understand client objectives and business cultures, and for association executives to understand how to negotiate with and understand the objectives of suppliers, enabling both sides to establish stronger and more productive business relationships. 

Target Audience

Association Executives

Those who are involved in negotiating, planning and/or running international association meetings.
Those who are interested in a short, intensive seminar designed to exchange knowledge with destination partners and other association executives. To share their views on how to improve these strategic partnerships, keep themselves up to date with the latest issues related to selecting and working with destinations and the destination team members, learn about latest trends and share best-practices.

ICCA Members

Sales and marketing mid-level manager specialising in associations wanting to update and deepen their knowledge of association meetings. Those interested in high-level education with a chance to network with prospective clients, hearing first hand about their objectives, working culture and needs.

Whilst there is face to face contact with clients and a chance to build relationships, this is an educational programme and not a sales event.

Registration opens in 2020