2025 UC Health Conference

04/17/24 - 04/18/24

In person Event at The Cove at UC Irvine


Join the University of California Health systemwide conference "From Data to Action: Driving Healthcare Innovation".

Presented by the Center for Data-driven Insights and Innovation (CDI2).
This website will host all the information you need to register, plan your trip, and make the most of your time at the conference.


In Person Only at The Cove at UC Irvine

5270 California Ave # 100, Irvine, CA 92617

This event is available in-person only, providing unique networking and collaborative opportunities. 

Why you should attend?

The conference is a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse community of professionals and industry leaders in AI in biomedicine, health data governance, and Real-World Evidence. The presentations will showcase initiatives occurring throughout the University of California, and we will have the pleasure of welcoming guest speakers from external organizations. Don't miss the chance to network and share your expertise with like-minded professionals.

Who should attend?

Affiliates from ALL UC CAMPUSES are welcome - Leaders, Innovators, Researchers, Policy Makers, Patient Advocates and Medical Professionals.


We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Conference Advisory Planning Committee for their invaluable contributions and dedication in shaping this event's success. Their collective expertise, insightful guidance, and commitment to excellence have played a pivotal role in crafting an impactful conference experience.

- Center for Data-driven Insights and Innovation (CDI2) Team

Photos and names of the conference advisory planning committee: Kent Anderson – UCD Kai Zheng & Dan Cooper – UCI  Douglas Bell – UCLA Simon Linwood – UCR Supreeth Shashikumar – UCSD Angela Rizk-Jackson – UCSF

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