Rise of the Infinite Leader

Infinite Convention 2023

Union Station Dallas  | July 20-22, 2023


Welcome to Rise of the Infinite Leader

Our annual Infinite Convention returns on July 20-22, 2023 with Rise of the Infinite Leader.Our annual Infinite Convention returns in July with The Rise of the Infinite Leader 2023. Join us for the highly anticipated 3-day event, where we will explore the skills and traits that define successful leadership in Our Infinite Company, the people's company. With a lineup of expert speakers, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, this convention is a must-attend for anyone looking to up their leadership game. 

Get inspired, learn new strategies, and connect with like-minded individuals as we dive into the future of leadership together. Register now and take your place among the rising leaders of OIC.

Get inspired, learn new strategies and connect with like-minded individuals as we dive into the future of leadership together

  • Featuring thought-provoking sessions led by transformational leaders who are changing the game with their innovative ideas.
  • Our mission leaders are here to inspire and motivate, sharing their stories of how they're making a difference with families.
  • Team leaders are experts in cultivating a strong team dynamic, creating a culture of collaboration and communication that drives success.

Event Details


Travel to Dallas, TX- home of OIC HQ. Union Station in Downtown will welcome the 3-day event.



Experience three powerful sessions and connect with the industry's top leaders



Meet like-minded professionals and learn the value of our platform.




More coming soon


Brad Pham
CEO / President

Kimmie Williams
CEO Business Director

Christian Collada
Executive Business Director

Rain Rubio
WOIC Co-Founder