Rise of the Infinite Leader

Infinite Convention 2023

Dallas, TX  | July 2023


Welcome to Rise of the Infinite Leader, an Infinite Convention!

Our annual Infinite Convention returns in July with Rise of the Infinite Leader 2023. The 3-day life-changing convention started as a declaration of disrupting a trillion-dollar industry.  This year's Infinite Convention will be hosted for attendees to:

  • experience powerful sessions by connecting with the industry's top leaders who come together from all over the states
  • learn the value of our platform as we educate families for a better financial future
  • take the next leap of development for their business

Make sure you and your team are registered for this unforgettable event!



Event Details


Marfa craft beer heirloom, dreamcatcher coloring book tousled tumblr before they sold out. 


Travel to Dallas, TX- home of the OIC Headquarters.


Experience three powerful sessions and connect with the industry's top leaders


Meet like-minded professionals and learn the value of our platform.



More coming soon


Brad Pham
CEO / President

Kimmie Williams
CEO Business Director

Christian Collada
Executive Business Director

Rain Rubio
WOIC Co-Founder